"Rogue One" Timeline Reminder" is offered by Andor Special Look Featurette

"Rogue One" Timeline Reminder" is offered by Andor Special Look Featurette

Tony Gilroy (, Disney+, and Lucasfilm) may have a big impact on their hands with the upcoming Diego Luna movie on September 21st. Depending on what we''ve seen so far, we can see how they''re feeling because the teasers & trailers look like they''re on a different level than we''ve ever seen previously. Now, the streamer''s "Special Look" featurette shows fans how the series fits into the franchise''s overall timeline.

Here''s a video compilation of how the actions in "Star Wars" evolved:

This is where the three-episode premiere will be held on September 21st. Here''s a look at the newest official trailer for :

Here''s a look back at the sneak preview that was recently released at the end of last month:

A key art poster on Disney+ has been released as a calendar of when the season''s episode will debut:

The first 12-episode season will focus on Cassian Andor''s (Luna) story and the rise of the Rebellion, as well as three episodes, then cover the next four years before a narrative hand-off to.

The series "Andor" will explore a different perspective from thegalaxy, focusing on Cassian Andor''s quest to discover the difference he can make. The series reveals the past of the burgeoning Empire and how human beings and planets evolved. It''s an era filled with danger, deception, and intrigue, where Cassian will embark on his path that will make him a rebel hero.

Stellan Skarsgard(), Kyle Soller (reprising Mon Mothma), Denise Gough (reprising Forest Whitaker), Fiona Shaw (reprising Saw Gerrera), Robert Emms (), and Adria Arjona (). Gilroy serves as both series creator and showrunner, with Toby Haynes (Episodes 1, 2, 3, 8, 9,10), Susanna White (Episodes 7, 9,10) and Tony Gilroy, S

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