This is the series finale for Us season 6: and we all know about the final season

This is the series finale for Us season 6: and we all know about the final season

The most popular comedy and fan tear-jerker for NBC is in its sixth and final season. NBC has apparently received any additional weeping, which has been a critical and ratings darling for the network. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

The show, developed by Dan Fogleman, debuted in 2016, revealing the Pearson family''s past history, as well as using flashbacks to tell their parents'' past. The show is well-known for its gut-punching emotional moments, and there is certainly more in store for season 6.

Season 6 of this post is a list of all we know about it.

When is the This Is Us series finale?

This Is Us''s season finale will air on NBC on Tuesday, May 24, at 9 pm ET/PT. After 105 episodes in six seasons, viewers last hour with the Pearson family is titled "Us," and will see the Big Three come to new understandings about life.

The finale of the This Is Us series will be available for free.

On Wednesdays, US viewers who do not watch the series finale live will be able to watch in on-demand via Hulu and Peacock.

Fans in the United Kingdom have to wait two days before the latest episode is available on Prime Video and Disney Plus, so for this week''s episode that''ll be Thursday, May 26.

This Is Us season 6 trailer

The season 6 trailer, which reveals some of the most heartfelt moments from the first five seasons, has hit NBC fans. Watch it below.

A video with the cast of the show discussing the series has also been released by NBC:

This Is Us season 6 cast

As a result, the Pearson family prepares for more one go around, with all of the main cast of season six returning. These include Jack, Mandy Moore, Kate, Justin Hartley, and Kevin Huertas, along with Kelly Kelly and Laura MacDonald. Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth) and Chris Sullivan (Toby) have also not gone anywhere. Jon Huertas, Chris Geere, Chris Geere, Caitlin Thompson, Lyric Ross, and As

Here''s an example of how everyone is playing.

  • Milo Ventimiglia - Jack Pearson
  • Mandy Moore - Rebecca Pearson
  • Chrissy Metz - Kate Pearson
  • Justin Hartley - Kevin Pearson
  • Sterling K. Brown - Randall Pearson
  • Susan Kelechi Watson - Beth Pearson
  • Chris Sullivan - Toby Damon
  • Jon Huertas - Miguel Rivas
  • Lyric Ross - Deja Pearson
  • Caitlin Thompson - Madison Simmons
  • Asante Blackk - Malik Hodges
  • Chris Geere - Phillip

This Is Us season 5 recap


Kevin and Madison''s main plot point centered on the relationship, which saw Kevin propose to her after declaring to the family that she is pregnant. However, Madison is doubtful if Kevin truly loves her or is marrying her more of a sense of responsibility. After confronting him on their wedding day, Kevin reveals that while he is not in love with her. To help him cope, Rebecca suggests Kevin build a cabin that the Pearson family has always wanted.

With Toby''s unemployed, Kate is tasked with being the lone financial support for the family with her teaching job. At the end of the season, Toby reveals that he will go to San Francisco for the week. Phillip initially believes she will leave her job to keep their family together, but Kate advises Toby to keep the work out.

Randall spent the season learning more about his birth mother, Laurel. Rebecca apologizes to Randall for keeping his parents'' information while he was younger.

Rebecca continues to deal with her Alzheimers diagnosis.

Season 5 comes to an end with a flash forward. Kevin wears a tuxedo while planning a different day. However, it is not his wedding, but it is Kates, according to Phillip.

Season 6 of this series includes plenty of bread crumbs, but fans of the show will know there are still a few bizarre and disturbing challenges to come.

How to watch This Is Us

NBC is also included as part of all traditional cable/satellite pay-TV subscriptions and may be received via TV antennas. All of these are will allow viewers to watch live.

Fans of may stream a variety of television channels after the service is launched on TV, whether on Hulu or on Peacock''s own streaming platform (must be a Peacock Premium subscriber to access new episodes of NBC shows). All of these features also allow viewers to watch previous episodes of, in the event you need to catch up.

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