Konami just had a record profitable year, citing Yu-Gi-Oh for huge game sector gains

Konami just had a record profitable year, citing Yu-Gi-Oh for huge game sector gains

A quick breakdown of what this company is undertaking right now

Konami just released its financial report for this past fiscal year, and the company is reporting record profits, giving an insight into how the company works in 2022. Obviously, the Konami partnership is a huge part of this story.

Konamis have an operating profit of 74.4 billion yen in fiscal year 2022, up from 36.6 billion yen in fiscal year 2021. Digital entertainment is responsible for 215 billion yen in revenue (before expenses), with amusement raking in 19.5 billion yen, gaming is responsible for 25.6 billion, and sports are 42 billion.

The publisher splits each portion, pointing out that digital entertainment, the most profitable sector, was driven by, which exceeded 30 million downloads as of April of this year. The company''s baseball partnerships and at least one other game () are also responsible for sustaining the company. It''s wild that there''s a whole mobile microtransaction-driven universe out there, and Konami is the one that''s in charge.

Amusement consists of their Bemani () arcade games (including cloud streaming pivoting) as well as quiz show partnerships, and of course, pachinko parlor operations. At the same time, the government of Yokohama, Fukuoka, and Kyoto had appointed Konami as operator for the city sports facilities as of April this year.

In terms of what they have planned for the remainder of 2022, their whole slate involves yet another game () as well as the game (mobile), and the highly-anticipated, which, yes, Konami is publishing.

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