Casualty spoilers: David Hide misses a desperate clamor for help!

Casualty spoilers: David Hide misses a desperate clamor for help!

In a special episode of BBBC One, 8.50 pm, Saturday, May 28 2022, see our TV Guide for listings). Elsewhere, Rash Masum is in for a painful shock, and Faith Cadogan discovers that someone in her family is keeping a secret!

Below are a few highlights.

David Hide losing control?

In recent weeks, the atmosphere between nurse David Hide and his teenage son Ollie has grown more waning.

Ollie (Harry Collett) is the blame of David for his stepmum Rosa Cadenas leaving them at home. While at school and online, he is being aggressively bullied - unknown to David.

This week, when Ollie arrives at the ED anxious to talk to his father, David doesn''t know what his son''s request is.

David (Jason Durr) is attempting to keep up with his new duties as the clinical nurse manager at Holby ED, but will he let his children away?

The waiting game

As an increasingly agitated Ollie waits outside the ED for his busy father, hes inundated with texts from his sinister new friend Rob about meeting up in the woods later that day.

David is juggling the urgent demands of the ED while also meeting, computer problems, and nonstop patient care. Davids colleagues also contact him for help with Heather, a paralyzed person. Amanda Root is a star of Amanda Root.

David, who has bipolar disorder, is an expert in mental health treatment and is willing to assist. Despite his frustration, Ollie is becoming more eager to speak to his father.

Dangerous intentions?

When Ollie walks in on David, she attempts to prevent Heather, who is consuming petrol, from flicking her lighter! When petrified David shouts at Ollie to get out, the confused and hurt adolescent goes straight to Rob (star Noah Valentine).

What did Ollie want to say to his father? And what has Rob planned for the vulnerable teenager?

Romance on the rocks

Rash Masum and Paige Allcott wake up together completely loved after a last week kiss.

Rash (Neet Mohan) is pleased that the world to know they''re together. Paige, however, prefers their turbulent romance to remain secret as she is worried about being judged by their co-workers.

Rash agrees to keep his relationship under wraps is a difficult task, but their plans are completely derailled at work.

Why is it that Marty Kirkby, a gossipy nurse, is distributing the news around the Department of Health faster than butter on a hot crumpet!

Rash dashed!

Despite Rash''s and Paiges'' denials, Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) will not let the matter drop, leaving junior doctor Paige (Shalisha James-Davis) dissatisfied with their private affairs.

Paige is in constant turmoil about her busy career and grieving the recent death of her mother. He makes the decision to cool things with Rash, leaving him completely and completely crushed.

Is it all gone?

Faiths shock discovery

This week, Faith Cadogan makes a surprising discovery about Natalia!

Natalia (Zoe Brough) joins her friend Georgie (Scarlett Raynor) in the ED after she obsessing herself skateboarding.

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) is narcotically shocked when Georgie inadvertently discloses that Natalia has had a child called Tristan for about a month!

Faith is hurt that her daughter hasn''t confided in her, while Natalia is embarrassed about having no more conversation with her mother. Could this be a foe between them?

Also in Casualty this week

Natalia is concerned when she spots bruising around Georgies neck. Her friend responds to her questions, but she discovers the truth later and makes a sad announcement.

Natalia is enthralled to meet with her childhood friend Ollie at the ED and asks him why they never hang out anymore. Will he confide in her?

Elsewhere, Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) has a lot to say about Davids new role as nurse manager (and his bum bag!).

Stevies'' ambitions to run the Department of Defense have gone away. Is there any need for clinical lead Dylan Keogh (William Beck) to be concerned?

Keep an eye on Amanda Root''s fascinating guest storyline (star of,, ).

Amanda plays suicidal widow Heather, who is shocked by flashbacks to a tragic car accident involving her husband Martin (s John Ramm).

Heather is brought into the hospital after being overdosed, but she refuses to tell concerned Rash and Paige what she has taken. As the medics desperately try to save her, Heather sips from a suspicious water bottle, which actually contains gasoline.

Is Heather able to open up and save her life by David?

On BBC One, the episode will air on Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 8.50pm. The episode will be available on iPlayer after a transmission.

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