The Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Collection Event has begun Tuesday

The Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Collection Event has begun Tuesday

The upcoming Beast Of Prey collection event will be available on Tuesday, September 20th and October 4th. This year, players will be forced to demonstrate that they are one of the best in the game, as they improve their ability to operate in the entire weapons arsenal. They''ve also thrown in new challenges, limited-time cosmetics, and other fun items.


Prove yourself a predator and collect 24 themed limited-time cosmetics that help you instill fear in who your prey is. Beast of Prey is available with direct purchase (for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals) and in Apex Packs for the duration of the event. Unlock all 24 limited-time items during this event and you''ll receive Loba''s Heirloom, the "Garra de Alanza."


You can earn 1,600 points per day and challenges refresh daily. All of these challenges stack with your Battle Pass so you can complete multiple challenges at once.


Explore limited-time offers in the Store tab, including the Healing Huntress Bundle and the Frozen Carnage Bundle, and don''t miss out on the Cloud Marauder Bundle (only available September 20th 22nd) and Wave Shift Bundle (Only available September 23rd 27th).


  • Crafting Rotation RE-45 and Devotion back to floor
  • P2020 and Havoc added to crafter
  • Spawn Rates Reduced laser and barrel spawn rates
  • Increased optic sights spawn rates
  • Reduced low tier light weapon spawn rates
  • Increased heavy weapon spawn rates
  • Explosive Holds Reduced Shotgun Bolt spawn rate
  • Increased optic spawn rate
  • Bocek Bow Reduce ammo capacity from 80 to 60

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