A New Game Has Been Announced by Behold Studios The Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club

A New Game Has Been Announced by Behold Studios The Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club

Behold Studios has launched a new game called. In the same manner as their previous titles, this will be a turn-based series in which you will then develop the ultimate cosplay magic girl cosplay outfits, which you will then take into the game at conventions across the globe. This is still in development and does not have a release window, but this is sure to be an incredible game. We have more information and the trailer below.

The studio is developing a story-driven RPG that uses the same imagination and meta reference. This time a Magical Girl gets her power from beginning a journey in becoming a Cosplayer, and the game will allow you to experiment with different activities and designs in order to compete in new costumes. As shown in the announcement trailer, it will be possible to collect magical Pins, each of which gives you different abilities and abilities.

  • Create your own Magical Girl costumes! Find and learn new shapes and gather new palettes to be even more creative. There is no limit other than your own imagination.
  • Fight in Turn-Based Battles. Each costume earns you attributes and carry skills to overcome your foes in battle. There is no single path or strategy!
  • Explore events and contests. Discover new quests, explore different settings, find new types of materials and improve your crafting level!
  • Traverse through this amazing story of self-knowledge and self-improvement, as you make friends and help them become amazing cosplayers too!
  • Quick and Dynamic tactical RPG. Expect energy and fearlessness in these fights!
  • Inspired by our previous game,. Live this amazing experience in the same world where the rangers saved the world from Lord Gaga and his evil boss Villain-X.
  • Collect more than 40 unique pins inspired by Magical Goddesses, each one giving you different skills in Battle.
  • Handcrafted and beautifully written main quest, with dialogues, cutscenes and many cool looking NPCs to get to know.
  • High replay value! Every time you play you''''ll have different side quests and NPCs different from the last time you played. There are many ways of getting to the story end!

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