Homestead Arcana has been announced by Skybound Games & Serenity Forge

Homestead Arcana has been announced by Skybound Games & Serenity Forge

This week, Skybound Games and Serenity Forge announced a new game with. This looks like a fantastic title as you take on the role of a farming witch who is pioneering across a vast area of land mysteriously corrupted with Miasma. The game will not have a proper release window, but it will be available on PC and Xbox consoles later this year, along with a trailer and quotes from both companies.

The Miasma has enveloped the world, removing the rest of society to high plateaus above the growing cloud. Piercing its boundaries is as dangerous as it is awe inducing. Players must engage, cultivate, and craft spells to revitalize the corrupted realm. Nurture plants and push back the Miasma to discover its origins.

"We''re so excited to collaborate with Skybound Games to bring to life and to the hands of gamers around the globe," said Zhenghua Yang, the CEO of Serenity Forge. "We wanted to combine some of the best parts of games to create the ultimate experience that allows players to enjoy farming, role playing, exploration, and more, all set in a unique and beautiful environment."

"We were horrified when we first saw''s Ghibli-inspired art style, fused with thoughtful genres and ideas," Ian Howe, Managing Partner of Skybound Games. "From the endearing, down-to-earth farming to fantastical exploration RPG features, we are excited to see where players take their stories."

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