Lobby of the video gamedemo

Lobby of the video gamedemo

Right now in Japan, the Makuhari Messe is out, its halls filled with the sad news of a Tokyo Game Show that is approaching full swing after three years on the lowdown. It''s an odd feeling seeing everything unfurl from afar - one of the great pleasures of my job in pre-pandemic years was attending Eurogamer''s game, and being on the ground in Japan as it recognized its gaming industry was just as exceptional as you might imagine.

Over the years, I''ve had enough anecdotes to complete a fairly shady book, although they intend to preserve the dignity of those involved - and myself - very few of them will ever see the light of day (and I''m pretty sure Wes and Tom still haven''t forgive me for the stress I put them through as they tried to grab me from a Shinjuku bar in the early hours of the morning to arrive).

Despite the overheating bureaucracy around border control for this year, Enix has just teamed up with this week''s Nintendo Direct or State of Play, which, along with some odd surprises, had some fun surprises, or a publisher''s efforts to bring the show back. While over in Woolwich Square Enix just punted up a demo of the curious looking Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a fascinating hybrid of its musou heritage with Nioh''s Soulslike action.

This demo is quite large, and it has sat out a few hours this week. I''d even say it''s a reasonable generous thing, its walled off area, and something that separates Wo Long from its competitors, giving a rewarding standalone experience. It''s a promotional beat I''d love to see more of, and this new context we see ourselves in is that demos once existed as a proof of concept, and where Wo Long''s brand of martial arts-infused Soulslike action can

I''m grateful to get a taste of what''s on the floor of my shed this week at Tokyo Game Show, something that''s also stolen a couple of hours of my time, and also that these are public demos that have accompanied TGS, which reminde me of my formative gaming years. Why drop forty quid on something new when four would get you a neat magazine with a cover disc that allows you to play dozens of new games.

I''d saved for a PlayStation but never had enough money for games, so almost my whole experience of that console was through demos. It''s one of my favorite games I''ve never played beyond the warehouse of Tony Hawk''s Pro Skater, yet every inch of that level is etched indelibly in my mind (along with the sole Primus'' demo that accompanied that demo), and it''s one of my greatest gaming memories, especially those special trips to Sega or Treasure''s Japanese headquarters when I

I''m not going to Tokyo for this year''s show, especially as it''s been something that''s delivered so much, from Radiant Silvergun to news, some seven years after Miyamoto first told Tom about it, of Pikmin 4. At least, I''ve had a little of the show here here, and worry not because next week there''s a show on my doorstep I''ll hopefully see some of you there, even if you''re not out at the TGS level.

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