The GTA 6 leaks are beneficial to almost nobody

The GTA 6 leaks are beneficial to almost nobody

This morning, a huge number of videos about showing in-game development footage for GTA 6 have been circulated on several internet forums, since no one can wait until the game is actually near-finished, causing them to feel compelled to spoil it for all and sundry.

The 80-some clips seem to reveal everything from full, in-game scenarios to clear unfinished bits of grey boxing, but there isn''t a link to them here. What potential advantage could they offer anyone right here, right now? GTA 6 isn''t going to look anything like what you see in those clips when it''s actually finished, so someone please tell me, what''s even the point?

Rockstar first announced in February that it was working on the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, claiming that work was "well underway." They''ve also cited the game''s development as the main reason why they''ve moved away from continuing to develop major updates for Red Dead Online, saying, "[We] are in the process of making some modifications to our environment."

Both the two have remained constant, but these latest leaks are relatively legit. But what if they''re legit? Most clips don''t even show fully rendered scenes, although they''re presumably a few character models sticking around. (I haven''t seen all 80-odd clips yet, but they seem to make up the vast majority of them) What can the future be like when Rockstar are actually ready to show it? Nothing.

The sense of belonging to a man''s is, for example, to sticking to the man in recent years, as it progresses, and the fact that the man has not had the best reputation in managing his employees, particularly when, in recent years, Rockstar have improved dramatically. However, even the big impact report has revealed that it has significantly altered the role we may play in the next GTA, as well as the possibility that it will be free passed now, and that sharing these things as a means of flipping the bird to

So far, RPS has, of course, reported on all kinds of leaks before, and will continue to do so if we feel it is worthwhile. Personally, however, I do prefer to wait until there''s a proper trailer to jump over. I''d prefer to see some actual gameplay included rather than a cinematic, however, I do enjoy the thrill of seeing a game that is actually superfluous. I''m not afraid of seeing a magician-style showmanship, although the narrative of the situation is

When things like this happen, I''ll admit I thought it was absolutely awful when those leaks first came in, just days before the big E3 reveal. More fool me, because it not only proved to be Ubisoft''s finest piece in years, but it was also one of the highlights of that entire year''s E3 documentary. Context is everything when you''re dealing with something new - and it''s often overlooked. Please, don''t worry. Why do the surprise for yourself?

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