Rumor: The GTA 6 leak contains development footage, screens, and plot details

Rumor: The GTA 6 leak contains development footage, screens, and plot details

Vice, Vice, Baby

A mysterious leak has surfaced on social media, which claims to reveal development footage, screenshots, and plot information about the Rockstar Games sequel. The assets were downloaded to popular community GTA Forums by a user overnight.

Among the first video released from Slack, are video of unfinished player characters and NPCs traversing a strip club, using an intercity metro train, and robbing a fast food restaurant, according to sources. This footage (assuming it is legitimate) would confirm earlier reports that the narrative will focus on Bonnie and Clyde''s dual protagonists, one of whom is believed to be a Latina lady.

I just came up and haven''t asked anyone yet, but as a result of the scale, I try to imagine it would be incomplete. Plus two protagonists and Vice City match what I said earlier this year.

Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) October 18, 2022

Further footage, however, appears to be in Vice City, the venue of the 2002 iteration. Despite being previously identified as legitimate (of course), it must be said that if it false, someone has gone to really ridiculous lengths in order to combine it, but would they?

Regardless of the leaks'' authenticity, the truth remains that Rockstar will not release the sequel until late 2024 at the same time. Since that is not only the finest video game of all time, but still fetching millions of dollars annually, it is highly probable that it will achieve the same level of success whenever it shows its ski-masked face.

Rockstar Games is in development.

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