Spider-Gwen, Paradigm, and Tyson star in Fortnite Chapter 3's Season 4 battle pass

Spider-Gwen, Paradigm, and Tyson star in Fortnite Chapter 3's Season 4 battle pass

Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 is now available. It''s called Fortnite Paradise, and it''s chrome.

The new Fortnite season will include a new Battle Pass to play through. As usual, there are big-name characters like Spider-Gwen, as well as a few original Fortnite characters.

In this guide, you''ll find a detailed breakdown of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass, which includes new characters such as Spider-Gwen and Meow Skulls, as well as a list of what items can be earned this season.

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On this page, you''ll find some new information.

Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass skins, including Spider-Gwen, Paradigm, Meow Skulls, Bytes, and Twyn

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass allows you to add Spider-Gwen, Grriz, Lennox Rose, and Paradigm to your collection, among others.

These skins have been reorganized into a series of Battle Pass pages for the past three seasons, either claiming a certain number of rewards or reaching a specific Battle Pass level. Upon discovering a page, the skin or variant is collected by benefiting from increasing your Battle Pass level and using them to unlock all of the other rewards.

To gain Twyn, you must either reach Level 70 or unlock 60 rewards from the Battle Pass. Finally, you must earn all of the rewards on Page 8 to unlock the ability to earn Twyn.

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass (Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4) has been added to the following sections:

After purchasing Battle Pass, paradigm was unlocked.

With some variations, you can get it all.

  • Paradigm (Reality-659) - Unlocked after purchasing Battle Pass.
  • Paradigm (Sparring Suit) - Complete page 3, spend 8 stars.
  • Paradigm (Moonbase Battlesuit) - page 7, spend 8 stars. Variants included here. Variations on helmet.
  • Paradigm (Oceanic Camoflague) - page 9, spend 8 stars. Requires base. Helmet off version also included here.

Bytes - unlocked on page 2 and spend 9 stars.

With various levels of variation:

  • Bytes - 9 stars, page 2.
  • Bytes (Wanderer) - page 3, spend 8 stars. Requires base.
  • Bytes (Pony Tails) - page 3, spend 4 stars. Requires base.
  • Bytes (Lone Traveller) - page 4, spend 8 stars. Requires base.

Grriz - complete page 4, spend 9 stars.

Complete page 5 of Meow Skulls. 9 stars.

With two versions, one is:

  • Meow Skulls - complete page 5. Spend 9 stars.
  • Meow Skulls (Cloud Nine) - page 8. Spend 8 stars. Requires base.

Lennox Rose - Complete page 6. Spend 9 stars.

Two versions:

  • Lennox Rose - complete page 6. Spend 9 stars.
  • Lennox Rose (Fresh Vandal) - complete page 7. Spend 8 stars. Requires base.
  • Twyn - unlocked on page 8. Complete page 8 and spend 9 stars.
  • Twyn (Digitized) - complete page 9. Spend 8 stars. This is an emote that changes the skin.

Spider-Gwen is the last character to have been released as part of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass. You''ll have to pay for everything and spend nine stars.

Fornite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass cost and Battle Pass rewards list

The majority of Chapter 3 Season 4 rewards require ownership to be unlocked. If you want to collect everything, then you must either purchase the Battle Pass or a monthly subscription to Fortnite Crew.

The Battle Pass is a premium item with 950 V-Bucks. You can get a pack of 1,000 V-Bucks for around 6.47 / $8.57 or earn V-Bucks in-game by finishing various stages of the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is included in Fortnite Crew, but if you cancel your subscription, you will lose access when your time falls short.

Below you can find the exact number of skins, emotes, and other rewards you can earn from the Chapter 3 Battle Pass:

  • Skins - 7
  • Skin Variants - 9
  • Back Bling - 7
  • Banner Icon - 7
  • Contrail - 5
  • Emote - 6
  • Emoticon - 6
  • Glider - 6
  • Harvesting Tool - 7
  • Loading Screen - 10
  • Music Track - 3
  • Spray - 7
  • V-Bucks - 1,500
  • Weapon Wrap - 6

Chapter 3 Season 4 follows the Battle Pass strategy developed in Chapter 2, which sees rewards divided across a number of pages and Battle Stars used to unlock rewards in any order from each page. The individual pages are unlocked either by reaching a specific Battle Pass level or by unlocking a certain number of rewards.

You may encounter difficulties with budgeting Battle Stars or planning a trip through the Battle Pass to ensure you receive the most of your skin.

Battle Stars can be earned by playing Fortnite or by purchasing them from a Fortnite in-game store. Every reward requires a specific amount of Battle Stars, so they must be wisely received for all of the rewards you get.

Challenges and rewards for Season 4 of The Battle Pass can be completed or earned at your pleasure. During Season 4, don''t forget - your progress will be reset at the start of the next season as a new selection of rewards will be introduced.

Good luck in Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3!

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