With a new map and more, PUBG Mobile updates version 2.2

With a new map and more, PUBG Mobile updates version 2.2

The 2.2 of this week, which was conceived as a tropical paradise with a few quick gameplay options, has been revealed. Erangel will also be getting several upgrades, and Cycle 3 Season 8 will be launched next year according to developers.

Players will take a look at the all-new map in Nusa, which is set in the tropicals, and overflowing with supplies, which makes gameplay easy to complete. Alongside gunfights, Nusa will introduce the new Super Recall mechanic, which allows players who are eliminated early to rejoin the match if they still have surviving teammates. Those who are playing solo will automatically spawn.

The new map includes a variety of new approaches to get around quickly, from ziplines across the map to an elevator in the multi-story Telepak Town Apartment. Nusa will also include new weapons, such as the Tactical Crossbow and the NS2000 Shotgun. This includes a new rainbow weather effect, and a flash shop that will appear randomly throughout Erangel, and new Targeted Supply Crates.

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