At auction, Margaret Bourke-White became the Hero of Camera Comics

At auction, Margaret Bourke-White became the Hero of Camera Comics

The company was founded in 1935 by Thomas J. Maloney, a photographer and advertising manager. A regular magazine followed in 1938, becoming a visual arts medium, and photojournalism as a news medium. In the summer, a group of people purchased GD/VG for auction, including a collection of sexes.

Linda Lens, who was released in, was influenced by pioneering photographer Margaret Bourke-White. Her photograph of a dam in Fort Peck, Montana, was previously known as the cover for the 1936 relaunch of a photo-centric magazine, which began in 1883, and was previously known for its now-famous illustrations by Charles Dana Gibson. In 1930-1932, Bourke-White became the first Western professional photographer to participate in a bombing mission.

Margaret Bourke-White was not the only Golden Age comic book to feature Margaret, according to a one-page cover. DC Comics'' (May-June 1947) included a one-page cover of her career highlights, and a photo of Bourke-White from the article on May 1, 1943. An additional comic book story with Bourke-White may have been unpublished.

Tallulah Bankhead''s 1944 Alfred Hitchcock film is alleged to have been inspired by a 1942 raid on a ship Bourke-White during a combat mission. In 1989 Farah Fawcett appeared in the TV film based on Vicki Goldberg''s book.

A group of people who have never offered at Heritage Auctions before can see the average GD/VG up for auction in the2022 September 18-19 Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction #122238. If you''ve never bid at Heritage Auctions before, please contact the seller directly.

Camera Comics #3, 6, and 9 Group (U.S. Camera Publishing Corp., 1945-46) Condition: Average GD/VG.Includes Issues #3 (Nazi war cover spine roll), 6 (FR/GD top staple detached, spine splitting from the bottom) and 9 (soiling, water damage, and piece missing from the top of the spine). Approximate Overstreet value for group = $150.

More Information:EDIT: Specified that #6''s thebackcover lacks a 1.5" strip at the top, and that the book is in FR/GD grade.

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