In January, NeverAwake was confirmed for PlayStation & Switch

In January, NeverAwake was confirmed for PlayStation & Switch

Phoenixx Games and its developer Neotro Inc. have announced that their consoles will be released on November 28th, but this announcement is now working on the rest of other major gaming consoles. The first trailer for the game has been released four months apart.

With a physical release in Western territories, which will be announced later and in Eastern regions throughHappinet. Physical preorders will begin for PC sleepers, with a Steam version for PC expected on Wednesday, Sept. 28. Discover Rem''s nightmares, a little girl shackled in her nightmares by her fears of vegetables, dentists, and her classmates. She uses a demonic, dragon-shaped gun to vanquise these twisted abominations. Face off against giant, gro

Fight against waves of imaginary monsters in over 80 looping, side-scrolling levels, dodging, aiming, and shooting in 360-degree combat to defeat enemies, and collect the souls of defeated monsters to complete each level. Spending souls on upgrades and a temporary upgrade to make the stage easier if things get too nightmarish.

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