Next month, we'll see a new Final Fantasy 16 trailer

Next month, we'll see a new Final Fantasy 16 trailer

The final Fantasy 16 trailer looks to be coming soon.

Although the game is not completely stone, producer/director Naoki Yoshida spoke at the Tokyo Games Show and said Square Enix will "probably release the trailer next month."

I haven''t had a chance to talk to the marketing or public relations teams before, so im not sure how much I''ll say, but I think we''ll be able to release the next trailer in the coming month or so," Yoshida said (thanks, Gematsu).

"I hope to have a better idea of when it will be released, and after that, I hope to get it fixed.

Square has been pretty taciturn about Final Fantasy 16 so far, but has confirmed that it will not have an open world even though previous open world games were "inspiration" during its development. It is set in the new world of Valisthea, which includes six areas, each with a dominant potential, enumerated with an Eikon (summon).

Spencer has stated that it will bring Square Enix''s fan-favorite MMO to Xbox over three years, but while there''s still no movement, Spencer recently gave "a commitment" that the company was still attempting to make it happen.

"Hahaha, I said that," he laughed when asked if he remembered talking about it back in 2019. "We haven''t given up yet. This is Microsoft and Square Enix''s commitment to game enthusiasts, and we will continue to coordinate."

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