Cobra Kai Creators Talk S05 Surprise Alliances, Carmen, Kreese, and Others

Cobra Kai Creators Talk S05 Surprise Alliances, Carmen, Kreese, and Others

In season 5, former enemies of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) decide to stand down their common enemy. No, no, revenge on Daniel, but cobra Kai king Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) himself. Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald talked about a wide variety of topics related to season five. This is your biggest spoilers warning.

According to Schlossberg, one of the most shocking alliances is the one between Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto) and Mike Barnes, mainly because we don''t know where Silver''s former student lies. Besides, Mike is apparently living quietly as the owner of a furniture company with his wife in his life after karate, and it''s revealed that his company was burned down shortly after his interactions with Daniel. "And they''re drunk or

Jessica Andrews, who has played Robyn Lively since 1989, is a character from Daniel''s previous past. "We''ve known that we wanted to bring Jessica back," Hurwitz said. "We''ve known that we wanted to get there once more. If there was anything that made sense to the story, then we''d be happy with her. We always wanted her to be involved in that. "We always admired her, and she always cared about Daniel and Amanda''s relationship in particular."

"Bringing Lively in" provided a deeper understanding of Macchio''s character and Amanda, according to Hurwitz. "This is a season in which Terry Silver is taking over the valley. It''s because of what happened to him as a teenager in Karate Kid III. He has all of this trauma from his past that no one could understand, and it gets to the point where Amanda just seems crazy [to her]," Hurwitz said. "So we thought it would be really beneficial for Amanda to get a sense of

Another developing arc is how Carmen (Vanessa Rubio) is expecting, meaning Johnny is going to be a father again. "It''s quite possible that the visual effects in that scene were, um, overly ambitious. I think my wife, upon the first viewing, had the same reaction," Heald said of the incident. "We wanted to move things a few weeks along there for that moment to have something visual to connect to. So, I don''t think she''s a superhero with a

There is a scene in which Kreese encounters people from his past, including a younger Johnny circa in 1984. "We wanted to take advantage of it when you get to know him before you enter the narrative. But, for the sake of that, you''re not going to be in the first half of the season. We were like, listen, and you''ll get to make a difference. We received an incredible script from Michael Jonathan Smith, which he mastered from the technology of creating young Johnny.

For additional information on Jessica''s role in Daniel and Amanda''s relationship, the deep fake technology used to recreate young Johnny, Chozen''s romantic ambitions, the upcoming international tournament in the Sekai Takei, spinoffs, and more, visit the EW page here.

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