Pt. 12: The True Value Of Blood in Magic: The Gathering

Pt. 12: The True Value Of Blood in Magic: The Gathering

All players, collectors, and other visitors to Wizards of the Coast''s premier collectible trading card game are welcome to our attention right now. Occasionally, some of our supplemental cards are subject to a randomly correlated theme. This is not the case for this week, but you may be surprised by the fact that we have decided to put a finger on it. Let''s look back on it.

As with all of our coverage in this series, here''s how we assess and rate these additional cards:

These groups are divided according to the overall role they play. These groups are categorized as such:

Disruption: These Schemes will offer you an advantage over your opponents on the battlefield. These include cards in hand or life, or options like the ability to attack or cast spells. Global: These Schemes may also be beneficial to each player, especially the archenemy and their opponents, for a certain duration or instantaneously. Up: These Schemes will offer you as the Archenemy (and only you) some sort of expedited value, such as ramps, cards drawn, or even an extra turn

The Schemes will be grouped further on a scale of 1-10 in terms of their ability to perform their job in the role provided, with one being somewhat underpowered and another being broken.

(For example, All In Good Time is a 9/10 for a Tempo Scheme, while Approach My Molten Realm is a 3/10 for a Global Scheme.)

Have you ever received all of that? Yes, you do it? Let''s take a look at the ratings!

#34.Only Blood Ends Your Nightmares

Only Blood Ends Your Nightmares (Removal, 6/10) is a relatively small piece of creature damage. While it is relatively straightforward, it is a bit more versatile than that. Although it is certainly outshined by better removal, it is certainly outshined by better removal, and that''s why we can''t rate it more highly on the whole list.

#35.The Pieces Are Coming Together

The Pieces Are Coming Together (Value, 7/10) is a set of situations that are quite realistic, but they also have the potential to enroll more cards than the others. This only applies to the average number of artifacts used in this deck, which is only half of its value. In some cases, this technique is quite beneficial, but it is important to be able to quickly draw more cards in one turn, whether it be to ramp out or to cast some combo pieces. So, we get a 7

#36.Realms Befitting My Majesty

Despite its utilitarian nature, Realms Befitting My Majesty is not a completely viable inclusion in everyArchenemy''s scheme deck. This suggests that green is a bit disproportionately represented in the average game night. This brings us to the ramp value of this scheme. However, if there''s nothing better in your arsenal to choose, this isn''t the worst scheme to add.

What are your thoughts on the Archenemy format? Is it worth your time to play around with? Do you think it should make a comeback? Let us know your thoughts on the format in the comments below!

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