Two unique pieces of artwork have been unveiled for the new Pokemon TCG: The Paradigm Trigger expansion set featuring Lugia, Regieleki, andRegidrago

Two unique pieces of artwork have been unveiled for the new Pokemon TCG: The Paradigm Trigger expans

The Pokemon Company has unveiled the next formal expansion set as part of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). Read on below to learn more about the new Paradigm Trigger set, which will be released later this year in Japan:

The ability Assemble Star of VSTAR Power can up to two colorless Pokemon from the trash to the bench.Stock Dive solves enough damage to defeat many Pokemon V with a single blow while trashing stadiums in play!

Use the skill Wind reading to increase your hand when your hand isn''t very good. The attack Aero Dive is similar to the Lugia VSTARs attack Storm Dive, as it deal with damage and trashes the stadium!

With its Primal Turbo capability, you may choose up to two special energy cards from your deck and attach them to your Pokemon! It''s a colorless type, so lets put it on the bench with Assemble Star, the Lugia VSTAR power characteristic!

The VSTAR Power attack Star Cypher is a unique one that transforms all of the opponents Pokemons weaknesses into Super types. Utilize this Pokemons tricks and other super Pokemon to exploit its weaknesses! If you rearrange the Unown drawn in the illustration, it will be a certain character?

When you have one card on your side, the Victory Symbol works.

Psycho Arrow''s attack can slap 60 damage on one of the opponents Pokemon. Even on the bench, weak points and resistance are calculated, so when combined with Unown VSTARs VSTAR power trick Star Cipher, it can also stifle the bench Pokemon!

Due to the characteristic Chakra Awakening, you may use Harikiri Kick''s attack without energy, and if your opponent has Pokemon VMAX, it will do 170 damage! If your opponent is the Super type, deal 340 damage!

The Forest Sealing Stone can be combined with the VSTAR power characteristic Star Alchemy. You may add one card of your choice from the deck, so you may use it effectively in any situation, such as Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy!

The Sealing Stone of the Earth can be combined with the VSTAR power trick Star Gravity. Any opponent Pokemon V will have to damage counters so their HP becomes 100! It''s easy to combine with any Pokemon, especially given it''s versatility.

  • Expansion pack Paradigm Trigger x 7 packs
  • Card box x 1
  • Promo card pack x 1 pack
  • Deck case x 1
  • Deck shield x 1 set (64 sheets)

*The expansion pack includes five random cards. *One promo card, a deck case, and a deck shield are also included.

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