Take-Two are threatened by a hacker over GTA 6 leaks

Take-Two are threatened by a hacker over GTA 6 leaks

Earlier today, a person leaked video of GTA 6 that showed the product''s identity shortly after it became viral. Well, after claiming a leak for the next installment of the highest anticipated franchise, did you suspect it would go under the radar? This has resulted in massive uproar on social media. The leaker is seeking negotiations, or better yet, wants some money from Take-Two and Rockstar Games in order to stop the leak. As per his statement, he wants to get rid of the leak

You can see evidence and even impersonators who have tried to steal information from Tom Henderson''s Twitter profile. Although it''s difficult to believe that this is happening, Take Twos DMCA takedowns are proving the contrary. This means that the leaked footage from GTA 6 is real, and the fact that more of them might drop at any time is just abnormal.

The hacker has changed the original statement, stating that he intends to negotiate a deal.

pic.twitter.com/LDtkAUt4Vt: The hacker claims that he has source code for GTA 5 and GTA 6.

Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) September 18, 2022

According to the forum flag, the user is from the United Arab Emirates. He has given his Telegram account and proton email in anticipation of receiving a word from Take-Twos representatives. Several individuals have already tried contacting the blackmailer, declaring that they are not responsible for the operation.

A person pretending to be a Rockstar/Take-Two employee managed to speak with the hacker.

He once again declares that he has source code and told him that the "IT team can check the logs" for proof.

Via @JohnHey04839690 pic.twitter.com/apsK93ldpi

Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) on September 18, 2022

There are now a number of Twitter accounts linked to this spectacle, and some say that he is not a hacker, but that he has paid good money for Take-Two employee credentials on the dark web. If this is true, then it is one of the most significant leaks in history, and a huge disaster for Take-Two and Rockstar Games. Considering Take-Two''s DMCA takedowns, were likely to see a continuation of the story soon.

Danger is the last name for people who have done this in a long line. Not everyone who has done this has come out on top, especially not against a massive and successful publisher such as Take-Two. Keep an eye on updates!

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