At the weekend box office, a woman prince walks to life

At the weekend box office, a woman prince walks to life

With $19 million, the Viola Davis action film surpassed expectations of women and men, as well as sports an A+ CinemaScore, making it a great idea that it will have legs due to a strong word of mouth. Sony should start the campaign for Davis for Best Actress and the film in the big categories ASAP.

While Barbarian holds up, The Woman King conquers.

The number one of last week''s events, boosted by great word of mouth as well, and added $6.3 million. I have not seen that yet, and have not had anything else for me, so I will consider a victory. Third place went to prequel, with $3.14 million, and a third film in the series is now being planned by director Ti West. Fourth went to period whodunit, with $2.5 million. This total totaled so close to $100 million.

Your Weekend Box Office Top 5 for September 16th

Olivia Wilde''s is coming to cinema next week, and reviews have been uninteresting, and the buzz is all over the place, and spit may or may not have been spat. Will it be delivered to the box office? Yes, anyone knows. Could it be a blow to it, though? Also opening into the theaters is, on large format screens. That might make some noise.

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