Ironsworn: Starforged will be released by Modiphius Entertainment

Ironsworn: Starforged will be released by Modiphius Entertainment

Modiphius Entertainment announced this week they will be assisting in the publication of Shawn Tomkin''s latest TTRPG. This particular piece of content was previously only available on the original Kickstarter or as a digital download. However, the two parties have agreed to release a physical version of the Deluxe Edition hardcover version, the Reference Guide, and the Asset Decks to their shop. While a date hasn''t been confirmed, it will be released sometime in Q4 2022.

In, you are a spaceborne hero who has been sworn to undertake terrible quests. You will explore uncharted space, unravel the secrets of a mysterious galaxy, and build friendships with those you meet in your journeys. Thetabletop''s standalone, sci-fi evolution of thetabletop roleplaying game is not required to play. builds on its award-winning techniques (including its solo play!) to navigate an exciting new frontier.

  • Guided: One or more players take the role of their characters, while a guide (game master) moderates the session.
  • Co-op: You and one or more friends play to overcome challenges and complete quests. No guide is required.
  • Solo: You portray a lone character driven to fulfill vows in a dangerous galaxy.

Included are:

  • Story-driven mechanics to put your character at the center of their quest-driven adventures.
  • Tools to help you quickly build a setting, create your character, and set off into a universe of perils and opportunities.
  • Creative prompts to eliminate game prep and push your adventures forward with or without a guide/GM.
  • System-agnostic generators for on-the-fly discoveries of spaceborne locations, planets, settlements, people, creatures, starships, foreboding derelicts, ancient alien vaults, and more.
  • Extensive advice, examples, and options for exploring the story of your characters and their fateful vows.

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