Undungeon Starts On PS4 and Nintendo Switch In Two Weeks

Undungeon Starts On PS4 and Nintendo Switch In Two Weeks

The console release of TinyBuild Games and the developers of Laughing Machines has been confirmed this month. It has been out on PC and Xbox for almost a year now, as players have explored the action RPG and discovered the broken multiverse in the game. The game, however, will be able to make sure that the system will look and feel better since last November. The following video will also be released on September 29th and 2022.

The Shift, an unimaginable mess of multiple dimensions tangled together, is able to restore the timeline by finding the keys to mend the mixed worlds, now guarded by twisted dimension keepers. Begin the dangerous mission to activate seven multidimensional piers in unknown conflict. Scour the land for friendly creatures to gain valuable intelligence. Improve human organs like the eyes, brain, spleen, skin, and more, all of which are imbued with special effects.

In intense real-time battles, combine organs, gear, and the Herald''s core to stay one step ahead of unsettling threats. Strategically heal, converse with partners, develop throwable weapons, and attack with critical or damage-over-time assaults to become the hero who saves the seven Earths.

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