Apex Legends mobile is set to launch next week, and the company's revenue exceeds $2 billion

Apex Legends mobile is set to launch next week, and the company's revenue exceeds $2 billion

Three years of hi-tech heroism

Electronic Arts has sparked a double dose of information on Respawn Entertainments'' multiplayer shooter.

First and foremost, the publisher has announced a release date for the free-to-play battle royale mobile port. Legend-heads will be able to experience all the explosive, sci-fi action in pocket-sized fashion from May 17, when they blast on iOS and Android devices. Pre-registration is now live via the Apple/Android stores, and players who pre-register will bag themselves bonus in-game items come launch day.

The mobile version will not feature any pay-to-win mechanics, according to EA. In the future, the mobile port will include ten playable Legends and two maps: Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon. In the future, it will feature its own unique unlockables, cosmetic items, game modes, and Battle Pass content.

The franchise is being launched at a time of tremendous success. EA noted that the PC and console versions of the game had surpassed $2 billion in revenue since the title was first dropped in February 2019. The CFO of Electronic Arts, Chris Suh, notes that net bookings for the game increased by 40% on the previous fiscal year, citing Season 12 of the most successful season to date.

The overwhelming success of no doubt brings with a measure of vindication inside EAs walls. Back when was first released, naysayers mocked the title as a likely attempt to cash in on the craze, predicting that the lore-heavy shooter would die a quick death among the then-an ocean of battle royale titles. This concept was carved a niche out for itself, only expanding in popularity with each successive year, clearly reflected in the staggering figures mentioned below.

egends is now available on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. It will be launched on iOS and Android devices on May 17th.

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