Sniper Elite 5 Has Received a New Free Survival Map

Sniper Elite 5 Has Received a New Free Survival Map

The latest set of Season Pass One features both paid and free material throughout the run. The new Concealed Target pack features a new pistol as well as a new character and weapon skins. Read more about everything here.

''Amongst the Rubble'' takes you back to Saint Nazaire, an historic historical site devastated by conflict. As you battle a seemingly endless stream of Nazis in the smokey streets and ruins, the Command Post is now on your toes and your teammates. The Concealed Target Weapon and Skin pack will take your stealth to the next level as you hunt down your adversaries.

  • HS.22 pistol
  • Pea Dot Camo weapon skin
  • Ghillie Suit Elite character skin (Karl and Monika)

The authentic Ghillie Suit Elite character skin for World War 2 is designed to enhance your visual appearance, while allowing you to blend in with your surroundings for the ultimate stealthy approach. Despite its wide range of punches, the HS.22 pistol is extremely powerful as you stalk your predator. It includes a fully suppressed trigger that allows you to maneuver through any rifle with almost no recoil. This sidearm is tragic and precise.

The Concealed Target Pack is now available as part of Season Pass One, which costs $34.99 or as a standalone purchase for $9.99. Season Pass One also includes the Landing Force mission and weapons packs, which were first released last month, as well as two further content improvements in the next months.

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