PC & consoles have been released from the month of October. Fueled Up is now available

PC & consoles have been released from the month of October. Fueled Up is now available

Fireline Games, an Indie developer, has confirmed that the game will be available on PC and consoles next month. This is a frantic game of teamwork as you and up to four other players will be out in space recovering lost spaceships and guiding them through five to five chapters of danger. The game will also have a normal set of challenges, and a ton of bonus challenges for you to challenge as a team. Enjoy the latest trailer as the game falls on PC on October 13th and 2022.

The fun of this chaotic co-op is out. Together with your crewmates, you and your crewmates must keep the engines powered up, repair hull failures, and restore them to safety through five six-leveled chapters. However, you must not forget about the fifty-eight bonus challenges when it comes to the evil space octopus. Some might argue it''s a lot more!

  • Intense Couch Co-op Fun:Enjoy a game where teamwork, a rapid pace, and multiple task juggling combine with heavy doses of chaos and laughter. Mix careful planning with split-second decision-making to make it back to base!
  • Madcap Frantic Solo Play:Friends not available? No problem. Fueled Up plays great for the single player as well.
  • Online/Local Multiplayer:Work with your crewmates in both local and online multiplayer to bring the ships back safely in one piece.
  • Controller Sharing:Only one controller? No problem! Share it with your friend and save spaceships together.
  • Bonus Challenges:Is returning safely not enough for you? Craving even more excitement? Each level offers extra objectives to test your skills and prove there''''s no task too challenging for you and your crew!

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