This Tuesday, Akane will launch on PlayStation and Xbox

This Tuesday, Akane will launch on PlayStation and Xbox

This week, DX Gameworks will release on PlayStation and Xbox this Tuesday. This powerful hack-and-slash will enable you to slice through long-sleeve enemies with one-hit kills and special moves that will make you feel as you enter the game. Enjoy the info and trailer below as it drops on both consoles on September 20th.

Relive Akane''s tragic last night again and again as you execute fluid hack-and-slash combat with one-hit kills. Raise your body count sky high to secure her sweet revenge against the Yakuza scum who murdered her parents when she was just a kid! The heart-thumping soundtrack will take you into the zone for a fun escape from the neon cyberpunk backdrop of a futuristic Mega Tokyo. If at first you don''t succeed, die and die again.

  • Master addictively fluid hack-and-slash combat using your trusty katana and pistol.
  • When you dieand youdiequickly restart to jump right back into the action.
  • Enemies will spawn at a gradually increasing speed to keep you on your toes.
  • Unleash the Dragon Slash and Dragon Slayer, special attacks that require adrenaline attained from killing enemies to execute.
  • Try to make it to the boss to secure Akane''''s revenge! He evolves and gets stronger based on how many times he''''s been killed, so stay sharp to secure victory.
  • Strive to clear achievements such as shooting 50 foes in one playthrough or reaching 30 kills with 100% katana accuracy.
  • Improve your score to unlock extras that enhance combat, like new katanas, pistols, cigarettes, boots, and gadgets.
  • Get in the killing zone with flashy pixel graphics and a heart-thumping soundtrack.

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