PC & consoles will get unusual conclusions on October 12th

PC & consoles will get unusual conclusions on October 12th

Epic Llamaand''s developer publisherESDigital Games has confirmed that the game will be released on October 12th. For anyone who grew up on ''80s cinema,'' the odd sci-fi will get a kick out of this game, where you play a group of children trying to figure out what happened to your sleepy little town. For now, here''s the rest of the story and the latest trailer for the game.

Vinny, Nick, and Tony are all young and their new cable signal has just arrived. That same night, they try to decrypt a pay per view adult channel, and they discover that the towering alien is killing very specific members of their community! Explore the world oozing with nostalgia, check the Video Buster Store for answers, challenge other kids at the Laser Llamas Arcades, and try to get along with the punk at their hideout, or even ask THEBULL, the quintessential

Follow the path that focuses on 80s classics, such as,,, and others, as well as a gameplay that combines Point and Click masterpieces with its own unique twist and more. Your decisions do matter, and the way you make these three friends interact with each other, increasing their friendship and the whole story, affecting how they solve the game puzzles, the locations they visit, the answers they discover, the story, and everything. Uncover the truth hidden behind the alien invasion well sort of.

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