Fans of Love Is Blind agree on Natalie, Shayne, and Shaina

Fans of Love Is Blind agree on Natalie, Shayne, and Shaina

The most interesting thing about the three-episode series was watching what led to Iyanna and Jarrette making the decision to get divorce (which turns out to be their very different lifestyles and Jarrettes priorities) but as it turns out, the tension between Natalie, Shayne, and Shaina stole the show, revealing intimate moments and disturbing revelations.

As a gentle reminder, let''s talk about what happened during the regular season 2 episodes. Shayne became close to Natalie and Shaina, but ultimately opted to get engaged to Kyle. Things didnt conclude there as Shaina wasnt shy about declaring him while he was engaged. She even questioned whether she and Natalie were real people.

Natalie did not appreciate Shainas'' remarks long term, but she had other havoc in her relationship with Shayne, who ended things eventually.

After cameras were put on the same page, Natalie and Shayne both struggled to date. However, Natalie made the shocking allegation that Shayne and Shaina were engaging in a "secret affair." What she even uncovered was Natalie''s testimony. Shayne admitted at least to the inappropriate DMs.

As news of Shayne and Shainas Dynamic thwarted among other cast members (Natalie was unsure to tell nearly everyone), a picture was being painted of Shaina as a "habitual liar" and shady. However, when Shaina attended an 80s party thrown by Nick and Danielle, Natalie was willing to continue to perpetuate this claim, but she even offered to share it with Shaina''s husband-to-be. Kyles pro

Shayne, Shaina, and her boyfriend share a pleasant laugh at the rumors she has been spreading. Shaina and Shayne are adamant that they have shared no flirtatious messages and accused Natalie of fabricating content to keep a narrative and her image. Who has truly identified the confession by the end of the episode?

  • the real reason behind Shake''''s absence

Fans of the Altar clash over Natalie, Shayne, and Shaina after the Altar.

When it comes to this trio, most fans are taking Natalie''s side. While there are a few outspoken participants who believe Shayne and Shaina are telling the truth, many observers believe Natalie is the one who is being honest here. Take a look.

"I never liked Shayne. I never wanted Shayne," says Shayne. Is she insane??????? How can you lie like that#LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar 16, 2022

Imma must stop stfuing on their unjustified love for Natalie. Ion like dat.Natalie said Shayne even admitted that he and Shains sent flirty messages to each other and now he''s calling it lies?????? #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind

We''ve seen Shayne lie. We''ve seen Shaina lie. Natalie is attempting to protect her own relationship. I 100% believe Natalie. #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltarSeptember 17, 2022

Look at them as being a petty af, trying to ruin Natalie. Pretending as if they are saints. As if we didnt see how they behaved in the pods and outside. The bad image you owe it to yourself! #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar #LoveIsBlind #Shaina #Shayne 16, 2022

Shaina has to be engaged because her relationship with Shayne is unsuitable. The only reason they didn''t end up together is because he chose Natalie, and she called her relationship fake on camera. They just can''t let go of each other. #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar #loveisblindSeptember 16, 2022

Shaina realizes that the naughty DMs she shared with Shayne are on the verge of becoming popular at the 80s party: #LoveIsBlind #AfterTheAltar #LoveIsBlindAfterTheAltar 16, 2022

Is Shaina really going to act like we all did not see Shayne and Natalie''s affair, call it fake and flirt with him? I 100% believe she and Shayne were sending abusive messages on Instagram. #afterthealtarSeptember 16, 2022

If Shaina continues to be a lying witch, Kyle Natalie cant just dismiss Shaina''s role in her story and idk why Shaina would want to be at her party anyway weirdo #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltarSeptember 16, 2022

I am probably the only person who believes that Natalie is lying... #LoveIsBlindSeptember 17, 2022

Natalies is lying about the messages, but how is she supposed to have messages that were in Shaynes'' DMs? Also she said when she went through his DMs messages had been unsent. So how is she supposed to have these receipts? #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar #LoveIsBlind 19, 2022

Season 2 of Netflix is now available. Season 3 premieres on October 19.

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