The release of Women Talking: The film's release date, its reviews, its cast, and everything we know about it

The release of Women Talking: The film's release date, its reviews, its cast, and everything we know

When it comes to awards contenders, one of the most anticipated films to premiere during the 2022 fall film festivals was a new drama from Sarah Polley. Although a mostly female cast, it is often used to draw attention to the fact that the audience is rather interested in winning.

Here''s all we know about.

When is the Women Talking release date?

The film will be released for the public on December 2 in the United States, but a UK release date has not been announced, although the film is now available as part of the BFI London Film Festival, which will take place from October 5 to 16.

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What is the Women Talking plot?

Here''s the official photosynthesis for :

"In 2010, the women of an isolated religious community battle to reconcile their reality with their faith."

As the movie focuses on Miriam Toews'' novel, it opens in a new tab. The book, which was originally published in 2018, is set in a Mennonite community and sees these women holding a secret meeting in a hayloft to discuss the truth about them being drugged and abused by the men in their colony.

Who is in the Women Talking cast?

The cast of. There are a number of important names.

Rooney Mara (), Claire Foy (), Jessie Buckley () and Frances McDormand () are joined in the cast.

  • Judith Ivey as Agata
  • Emily Mitchell as Miep Friesen
  • Kate Hallett as Autje
  • Liv McNeil as Neitje
  • Shelia McCarthy as Greta
  • Michelle McLeod as Mejal
  • Kira Guloien as Anna
  • Shayla Brown as Helena
  • Vivien Endicott Douglas as Clara

Ben Whishaw () is also the cast''s next member.

The Women Talking Review Review What the critics say

Both the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, where critics got to give their first glimpse of the film. The early word has been strong for the #MeToo drama.

Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab) scores a movie for 89 percent on Metacritic (opens in new tab), another review aggregator, with an 80.

Reviews are based on a few tips:

"Moments of levity and joy twinkle throughout the crackling, tension narrative, putting the characters on us viewers," says Sarah Miller of SlashFilm.

"Women Talking draws an enormous emotional force, as well as something more: true spiritual weight," says Justin Chang of The Los Angeles Times (opens in a new tab).

"Polley and her actors mine a deep sense of humor from the text," Leah Greenblatt, according to Entertainment Weekly (opens in a new tab): "There is a profound sense of humanity that Polley and her actors steal from the text, and something quietly mesmerizing in their meticulous world-building."

Is there a Women Talking trailer?

Were still waiting for the first trailer for. When one is available, please share it here.

Who is director Sarah Polley?

Sarah Polley began her career as an actress who appeared in movies like, and. However, she hasnt acted in a movie or television show since 2010, as she has dedicated her career to writing and acting.

The film for Polley''s feature directing debut was the one that was nominated for two Oscars: Best Actress for Julie Christie and Best Adapted Screenplay. She followed that up with the Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen movie and then the deeply personal documentary.

Polley has also written and directed the Netflix miniseries.

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