Doctors spoilers: Jimmi Clay demands Maeve's TRUTH!

Doctors spoilers: Jimmi Clay demands Maeve's TRUTH!

After hearing a SHOCK allegation against his girlfriend, Jimmi Ludlow (Clelia Murphy) on (1:45pm, Jimmi must discover the truth about surgery nurse Maeve''s involvement... Maeve is caught off guard when Jimmi clarifys the law and states that neither of them will be going into work today. Could Maeve be in trouble with the cops again after a close brush with the law during the recent investigation into the murder of former Sutton Vale head?

While up on a stepladder cleaning, Scarlett (Kia Pegg) and her unemployed dad, Brian, are offered some training to help them recover from their financial situation. Hopefully, Brian, who previously became redundant, is in a good mood and reveals that she may be able to do some VPAS training to help them recover. Despite this, Brian struggling to reach his phone and is unable to grasp his abilities.

BBC One is continuing Monday to Friday at 1:45pm.

All of the latest episodes are now available on BBC iPlayer.

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