Dean Thompson is SUSPICIOUS about Ziggy and Remi..

Dean Thompson is SUSPICIOUS about Ziggy and Remi..

Dean Thompson (played by Patrick O''Connor) is still angry that his girlfriend, Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) admitted to him about assisting Remi Carter on (1:45pm) and while Ziggy decides to go, she will see him avoiding him. At the same time, Ziggy decides to avoid attempting to provoke Dean again. But it''s a bit difficult for Ziggy and Remi to avoid becoming friends again. If Remi gets a shove again, then

Nikau Parata (Kawaka Fox-Reo) is on a mission, sending his ex-girlfriend to New York for clarifications. However, it appears that lifeguard Nikau will not get the chance to reconnect with Bella in the Big Apple. However, there is no evidence that Nikau will do anything wrong with her with a more emotional DRAMA.

Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) discovers that he has had enough of hanging around with his bandmate, Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson), who believes Kirby is worthy of breaking the band''s rules for, and will go public with their relationship. To demonstrate how polarized he is about Kirby, theo, vacates her with an original love song in the back yard of the house she shares with her bandmates, Remi and Eden Fowler (Stephanie

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