Dee-Dee Bailey of Coronation Street is coming to an rescue!

Dee-Dee Bailey of Coronation Street is coming to an rescue!

In tonight''s episode of (8.00pm, see our TV Guide for all listings). Dee-Dee Bailey serves James with passion.

Dee-Dee returns to America after stating to the county that she is willing to pay him a fair amount. After explaining to her solicitor, she demands a meeting. Will Dee-Dee be able to push for a better contract? Meanwhile, James gives Lily her first football lesson before receiving some good news.

Jenny confides in Daisy that she is worried about Leo as hes not been home all night and his phone goes straight to voicemail. Daisy believes Leo might have fallen through their relationships, but Jenny cannot believe that he would give up. There is obviously more to it following Stephen''s move in, but is there a foolproof strategy to cover his tracks?

When Yasmeen returns to discover Speed Daal was suspended and on its knees due to Stu, she assures him that the company will run smoothly and clear his name no matter what she takes. However, will Yasmeen, Zeedan, and Alya have to turn to an unintentional source to obtain the help they need to prove Stu''s innocence?

A severe Bernie gets dressed in Ferns finery after she gets a job interview with Paul. What she''s got planned in order to get some cash?

On Friday, the day of the OTEP continues.

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