Dee-Dee Bailey takes Stu's case on Coronation Street!

Dee-Dee Bailey takes Stu's case on Coronation Street!

Dee-Dee Bailey is mulling his case in tonight''s episode of (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Dee-Dee agrees to take on the Stus case, pointing out gaps in the police inquiry and suggesting that they speak to Bridget before discussing her Mum''s statement. When Alya quizzes Bridget on the night of the Charlies murder, she confirms her Mum''s story.

Bridget is threatening to contact the cops when Dee-Dee discovers an address for Lennox, the officer who was originally in charge of the Stus case. Stu grabs the piece of paper and disappears as he enters the room. Will Stu, as he enters the door, get the answers hes looking for or will he risk his future?

When Dev apologises for overreacting to the broken trophy, he sends his heart to Bernie, blaming himself for failing to protect Aadi.

Bernie assures him that no one could wish for a better father and Devs touched by her kindness. In their hour of need, will the two fall into one another''s arms? And will someone catch them in the act?

James is struggling to find work at the Bistro, but when he admits to Debbie, he is evidently unimpressed when he reveals that he has no interest in bar work and is just trying to ease his family.

Lily reminds James that she took the game off to him, and it''s all down to him, giving him points for thinking about his future.

Teddy makes a comeback at the pub and is amazed to see Jenny standing on the back of the bar. She explains how Leo left for Canada without her, and Teddy claims that she is solely to blame.

Monday at 8pm, the show will continue.

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