Mammals is given everything we know about the James Corden comedy series

Mammals is given everything we know about the James Corden comedy series

A two-time Olivier and Tony Award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Jez Butterworth, is directing a comedy-drama from Amazon Studios, starring none other than James Corden.

According to Butterworth, the show has been revealed last year, but story details have been kept under lock and key. This is only the first time that a star-studded cast has been formed for this new Prime Video show, and that''s a relationship comedy that''s "more like a whodunit."

So here''s what we know so far.

Mammals release date

Despite announcing the show last July, Amazon hasn''t revealed a date for the show yet. All we know at the time of writing is that it will launch exclusively on Prime Video later this year.

How many episodes of Mammals are there?

This is a 6-part comedy series.

Mammals cast

James Corden, who wins Tony Emmy and BAFTA Award, is all set to appear. Melia Kreiling, Colin Morgan, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, and Samuel Anderson are all on the verge of appearing.

We have just got our first look at some of the cast in action; see the slides below.

James Corden, who plays the comedian on ten occasions for the Tony Award, was talking about his performances. It was like seeing Mickey Rooney, Terry-Thomas, and The Marx Brothers enter the audience.

For the ages he took a dreadful, big-hearted mess of a supporting character and made it iconic. But neither is a patch on his Sea Monster in sketch with Sally Hawkins. See it.

I am jubilant to be working with Sally again, as well as Colin Morgan. Alongside Melia Kreiling, they make a team of world-class storytellers," he added.

Mammals plot

Amazon keeps publishing details a secret as previously stated. However, Jez Butterworth has given us a clue to what the series might be.

He said that a good marriage is the most magical thing. In a world of eight billion, youve found the one who comes, who has ignited your body and soul. Who allows you to grow and flourish. Who gives you the spark, the confidence to become you.

Youre always going to have sex with anyone, especially if you''ve never seen them, and you''re going to die and die forever.

Jez Butterworth has explained why we know so little about the series. "I''d like to give more information if I took you more than six minutes into it, I would ruin the series. "Everything that happens after the first six minutes is a spoiler," he said.

"It''s a relationship comedy that does not really talk relationships at any point. It''s more like a whodunit, and I think most relationships end up as crime scenes, don''t they? I guess you should watch James''s and Sally''s, however.

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