Sacha Dhawan teases the 'electrifying' Doctor Who Centenary Special

Sacha Dhawan teases the 'electrifying' Doctor Who Centenary Special

The Centenary Special is about to begin off Jodie Whittaker''s journeys in time and space, and the returning arch-villain Sacha Dhawan is better known as The Master, who has teased a slew of fantastic (and emotional) scenes.

In the most recent issue of the official (opens in a new tab),Dhawan spoke about what he wanted the final film to look like, and how his strong working relationship with Doctor Jodie Whittaker has made the final scenes bigger and better.

"I wanted it to be epic and interesting," he said. "When I watched the episode myself, I thought, "Im so glad we did get that," he said, because it kind of takes your breath away a bit.

"It''s always been quite easy with Jodie. I do my thing and she does hers," said Dhawan. And because, even though the characters have such an affinity between them, me and Jodie really enjoy each other. Which makes the scenes much more electrifying, and a lot more moving than I imagined the ones would be. Especially in the centenary special. I saw the episode on my laptop the other day, and I was just a bleeding mess."

The same issue features a 20-page preview of Jodie''s final episode, and also revealed the title for the third and final special expected to air this year. According to, Jodie''s last trip in the TARDIS is titled "The Power of the Doctor."

From what we''ve seen so far, "The Power of the Doctor" will be a fantastic finale for the Thirteenth Doctor. Not only is she being reunited with The Master, but she''ll also be facing off with the Daleks the Cybermen. It''s good to have Dan, Yaz, Vinder, Kate Stewart, and her returning companions!

Earlier this year, we discovered that our Fourteenth Doctor''s identity was only created by star Ncuti Gatwa. However, it''s still unclear whether or not he will appear in the Centenary Special or if we''ll have to wait even longer to see him in action.

On the bright side, we already know that "The Power of the Doctor" will be followed by a 60th anniversary special that''s expected to air in 2023. There''s already plenty to look forward to, as we know that the next episode features David Tennant and Catherine Tate, as well as''s Neil Patrick Harris as a menacing new villain,'' and ''Jasmin Finney.

The Centenary Special will air in October 2022.

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