Is Sins of Our Mother a true story? Lori Vallow is the fictional character. All your questions are answered

Is Sins of Our Mother a true story? Lori Vallow is the fictional character. All your questions are a

is a shady stranger-than-fiction true crime docuseries on Netflix that includes religious fanaticism, numerous unexplained deaths, and the bizarre belief that people can be possessed by evil spirits, transforming them into zombies.

The trial of Lori Vallow, a devout "Doomsday Mom" after being apparently brainwashed by a Mormon cult leader, is being held held.

What happened to Tylee and JJ? Here are all your questions you may have on Netflix.

What is Netflix Sins of Our Mother about?

This TV drama, which might appear a little too broad, is quite true. It focuses on Lori Vallow, who reportedly murdered her two youngest children in September 2019, shortly after moving to her ex-husband and soon-to-be fifth husband, Mormon cult leader Chad Daybell.

Tylee, 16, and JJ, seven, were reported missing in November 2019 and tragically their bodies were discovered at the house of Daybells in June the following year.

Daybell, who was preparing for an apocalypse and had a few fanatical beliefs that people, including Vallows children, might be transformed into zombies by evil spirits. She and Daybell are currently awaiting trial for murder.

Who is mum Lori Vallow in Sins of Our Mother?

Lori Vallow was raised in San Bernardino, California, to a family who was members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church. She was married twice while young and had her first son, Colby, in 1996, with her second husband, William Lagioia.

In 2002, she went on to have a second child, Tylee, with her third husband, Joseph Ryan. A year later she married Charles Vallow, who adopted his grand-nephew in 2013.

Colby, who discusses Vallow as a great mother in the film, admits to posing a happy couple.

When she became more involved in the church and began reading literature published by Chad Daybell, she even adopted his controversial beliefs that some people, including members of her own family, werepossessed by the devil.

In 2019 after telling everyone he had been taken over by an evil man named Nick Schneider, Charles was later reportedly shot dead during an altercation, and Vallow married Chad Daybell four months later.

Who is Chad Daybell in Sins of Our Mother?

Chad Daybell is Vallow''s fifth husband. He was a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until he experienced two near-death experiences that led him to believe he was a prophet with spiritual gifts.

After the so-called end of days, he married his first girlfriend, Tammy, and they had five children. However, over time, his beliefs became more evident and he was convinced that he would end up leading the world.

Tammy died in dangerous circumstances just two weeks later after Daybell met Vallow at a religious conference in Hawaii.

What were Lori Vallow''s religious beliefs in the Sins of Our Mother?

It''s complicated! Essentially she and Daybell were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and were part of an extreme cult-like spin-off sect that is preparing for the end of the day.

They predicted there would be an apocalypse on 22 July 2020, and that only 144,000 loyal followers of Jesus would survive.

Daybell believed that people may be divided from light to dark. The dark was possessed by the devil and was essentially zombies, while the light was followers of Jesus Christ.

Daybell allegedly convinced Vallow that her children, Tylee and JJ, had become self-described and that the only way to get rid of the evil spirits was to kill their bodies.

In the Sins of Our Mother, what happened to Lori Vallows'' youngest children?

Tylee and his brother were last seen in September 2018, a month after moving from Arizona to Daybell, Idaho. By November, other family members, including their older brother, were very concerned about their health. After a police investigation, they were declared missing on December 20 that year.

Police rescued Daybell''s house in Idaho in June 2020, where they discovered human remains belonging to Tylee and JJ, which had been buried in a shallow grave. However, it has not been known how or where they died.

Who else died in Sins of Our Mother?

Charles Vallow, the former husband of the Daybells, and his first wife Tammy, both died within three months of each other in 2019. Charles was reportedly shot dead by Alex Cox in July, the same year after Cox claimed Charles hit him with a baseball bat.

Tammy, a mother of Daybells, died in mysterious circumstances at the time, apparently due to natural causes. At the time, no autopsy or post-mortem were conducted, but her body was later exhumed, although details have not been disclosed.

When were Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell charged with murder in the Sins of Our Mother''s sins?

On 26 January 2020, the couple were discovered living in Hawaii. By that time, Tylee and JJ were missing for four months. However, Vallow refused to answer police inquiries about her missing children.

Following the horrific discovery of Tylee and JJs bodies at Daybells home in June 2020, they were charged with conspiracy to conceal or destroy evidence.

In May 2021, Vallow and Daybell were indicted on the charge of first-degree murder. At their preliminary hearings, both admitted not guilty.

How Tylee and JJ die in Sins of Our Mother?

The causes of death for Tylee and JJ haven''t been revealed. After the trial of Vallow and Daybells, we expect you to know what happened.

When are Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell to stand trial?

Vallow and Daybell are awaiting trial for first degree murder and conspiracy to murder in connection with the deaths of Vallows fourth husband Charles, Daybells ex-wife Tammy, and two of Loris daughters Tylee and JJ, who were only 16 and seven years old at the time of their deaths.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty at their preliminary hearings. However, the legal process has been long and drawn out; they are currently scheduled to have a joint trial in Ada County, Idaho, which they believe will last until 2023. Prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty in both cases.

Where can I watch Sins of Our Mother?

The three-part documentary is now available on Netflix worldwide. It reveals Vallows'' disturbing tale and hears from those closest to the case, including Vallows'' mother, Janis Cox, and her eldest son Colby Ryan.

Is there a trailer for Sins of our Mother?

Yes, in the video, you may see the frightening story of Tylee and JJ''s family panicking for their safety...

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