Their one Monkey Islandregret is revealed by Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman

Their one Monkey Islandregret is revealed by Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman

From the early 90''s, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman worked on both The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck''s Revenge. Now, the duo have returned to the series in the aptly named Return to Monkey Island, which has revealed the one difficulty they encountered during their time in the series.

Gilbert and Grossman addressed GamesBeat about the Monkey Wrench puzzle from LeChuck''s Revenge, which saw Guybrush Threepwood with an actual monkey to activate a seemingly broken pump, was a mistake, describing it as "notoriously unsolvable" and "not a good design on several levels."

"Even if you are an English speaker from a location where the tool in question is commonly referred to as a "monkey wrench" and you realize that that''s what you need, you still have to make an incredible predictive leap about how your actions will use it, according to Grossman. "Nothing in the game has set any of it up appropriately."

Grossman claims that the Monkey Wrench puzzle is still his "go-to example of what not to do with puzzle design," but that it has influenced his thinking "ever since."

"The player must be able to conceive in a certain manner, and if they give up and look at a hint, I want their reaction to be "Oh, that makes sense!" rather than "How on earth was I ever supposed to think of that," says one of the players. "You are ridiculous, unfair clowns?!"

On the flip side of things, the duo never regretted making any puzzle too simple for players to wrap their head around, declaring that "the consequences are much less severe for that."

Return to Monkey Island will go after the events of LeChuck''s Revenge (and its famous Monkey Wrench puzzle) and start off in an amusement park. It will also include a proprietary hint system, which will make sense "in the fantasy" of the game, and provide users with "more than just a walkthrough."

Gilbert responds to fans who dislike Return to Monkey Island''s art style, saying, "Return to Monkey Island may not be the art style you wanted or wanted, but it''s the art style I wanted."

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