Fans of EastEnders are suing Janine for the same reasons

Fans of EastEnders are suing Janine for the same reasons

At the end of every episode, fans know how important the ''doof doofs'' are.

The cliffhanger moment has left us all untold to watch the next installment of our favourite show.

The first episode of last night''s episode of, Janine Butcher was waiting for the doof doofs as a nurse, with a little help from Sonia Fowler, to deliver some terrible news.

Janine had left the kitchen at the Vic in front of her frantic daughter, Scarlett.

Janine was convinced she had just a bug because she''d had headaches recently, and Scarlett was also under the weather.

Sonia, a nurse, threw her off to A&E for an evaluation.

Sonia''s prey on Janine, particularly when she had a long wait for treatment!

The nurse performed some tests and when the results came back, she asked Ms Butcher to go into a side room for a chat.

Janine denied the claim, claiming that she could hear the results there in the waiting room.

And it was revealed that she is pregnant!

Doof doof...

What a doomed feeling.

Or not.

Fans were quick to take to social media to express their regret that the big reveal was nothing but a surprise, because Janine''s pregnancy had been revealed in this week''s episode.

When the doof was in the spoilers #EastEndersSeptember 20, 2022, it was always so depressing.

It''s a bit odd when spoilers steal the cliffhangers. Looks a little tricky! #EastEndersSeptember 20, 2022

*pretends to be wary that Janines is pregnant*#EastEndersSeptember 20, 2022

Some fans were dissatisfied that this storyline was more important than meets the eye. Could Janine be keeping a bigger secret?

Why do i get the notion that its not micks #EastEndersSeptember 20, 2022?

Perhaps the fact that we all knew what would happen makes them feel like their bosses have a different surprise up their sleeves?

What do you think?

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