Andor: The release date, the trailer, the cast, and all we know about the Rogue One prequel

Andor: The release date, the trailer, the cast, and all we know about the Rogue One prequel

If you enjoyed Disney''s next spin-off series, you won''t want to miss it.

The first "rousing spy thriller" from Lucasfilm starts around five years before the events of 2016''s which sparked a group of rebels'' quest to steal thedeath Star''s intentions, permissant the Rebel Alliance to destroy it in.

Here''s what we know of director Tony Gilroy''s 12-part series...

Andor release date

The first three episodes of Disney Plus are now available on September 21. The show then follows a weekly release schedule.

Andor plot

A Disney news release translates...

"Andor will explore a new perspective from thegalaxy, focusing on CassianAndor''s journey to discover how much he can make. The series chronicles the burgeoning Empire and how people and planets became involved. Its an era filled with danger, deception, and intrigue, in which Cassian will embark on his path that is destined to transform him into a rebel hero."

In a new tab, a post on says...

"The rousing spy thriller will explore tales filled with espionage and wreaking aliens to reclaim hope in a darkened galaxy."

Andor cast

Diego Luna will play Andor in an all-star cast, including Adria Arjona (), Stellan Skarsgard (), Fiona Shaw (), Robert Emms (), Kyle Soller () and Theatre star Denise Gough. Genevieve OReilly also plays Mon Mothma.

"Going back to the universe is absolutely beautiful for me," Luna says. "I have so many memories of how much we collaborated on and how I made throughout the journey. "We have a fantastic journey ahead of us, and this new exciting format will give us the opportunity to explore this character more deeply."

Luna has also said that well "certainly see some familiar faces" so we can anticipate some key figures from the movie to return. Forest Whitakers is back as Saw Gerrera, the loose cannon freedom fighter who first appeared in, while Ben Mendelsohn is thought to be reprising his role as the architect-in-chief of the Death Stars.

When we hear more, we''ll keep you updated.

What happens to Andor Cassian in Rogue One?

* spoilers are ain''t to come.

During the events of a secret order, Cassian is ordered to locate and assassinate scientistGalen Erso, who was captured by Director Orson Krenic and forced to help build the Death Star.

Andor, who is joined on the mission by his co-pilot, reprogrammed Imperial security droid K-2SO, decided not to murder Galen, but led a team with Galen''s daughter, Jyn Erso, to steal the treasures from Scarif.

Krenic ambuses them as they enter the data center, but they are able to transmit the plans before the Death Star strikes upon the planet, killing Cassian and Jyn as they embrace it.

Will there be an Andor season 2?

A second 12-part season is in development, which will complete the series and lead into the events of.

Is there an Andor trailer?

The Disney Plus Day celebrations have now provided an additional sneak peek on the platform, which is free to stream on the platform. There''s also a limited-time Disney Plus Day offer for new and returning subscribers, which allows you to receive Disney Plus for $1.99/1.99.

The main trailer for the series, however, can be found below. It gives us a peek at some of the stunning environments displayed in the new series, as well as the beginning of Cassian Andor''s rebel journey...

In September, a trailer was released for the D23 event:

A previous teaser trailer is also available to watch:

Andor''s clip can be seen here, and a scene between Diego Luna and Cassian talking about the Empire:

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