How to get to know Andor: where to watch the new Star Wars game

How to get to know Andor: where to watch the new Star Wars game

Here''s how to watch the prequel series for the 2016 season.

Following on from, this "rousing spy thriller" takes place five years prior to the opening of the original spin-off film. Tells the story of how a group of Rebels got their hands on the death Star''s plans.

Cassian Andor, the leader of the Rogue One unit, is zooming in on his journey to become the rebel hero he eventually became.

Here''s where you need to go to see Andor become the hero that the Rebel Alliance requires.

How to watch Andor

The show''s first three episodes will be released in August, but the project is now underway due to a three-episode release on Wednesday, September 21. With the beginning of the season, the show will begin streaming on a weekly basis. Being a show, there''s only one location you''ll have to find: Disney Plus.

If you''re a fan, you''re likely already a Disney Plus subscriber, because it''s place to be for movies and shows from the Skywalker series far away. The streaming service is home to every film in the Skywalker saga, including the spin-offs, and like, as well as a whole host of live-action shows, including: Plus, thanks to Star Wars Celebration 2022, there''s even more stuff going later down the line.

If you haven''t already purchased a standalone Disney Plus subscription, you can save a lot of money by opting for the annual package, which will cost you $79.99 per year. Along with all the shows you might want, your subscription also includes everything from the House of Mouse, National Geographic, and a lot more from Pixar and Marvel.

New customers in the United States will be able to sign up for an ad-supported program on December 8, while the monthly fee for the ad-free program will increase to $10.99, with the program expected to arrive elsewhere in 2023.

People in the United States may also sign up for the Disney Bundle, which provides you Disney Plus with all of its ESPN Plus and basic, ad-supported Hulu products for just $13.99 a month (though this will also increase to $14.99 as a result of this price rise later this year).

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