Charlotte Ritchie, star of Ghosts, would like a US appearance

Charlotte Ritchie, star of Ghosts, would like a US appearance

In a fourth installment of the quirky comedy, Charlotte Ritchie tells us she''d like a crossover with the US version.

Alison and Mike Cooper, played by Charlotte Ritchieand Kiell Smith-Bynoe, now open up the B&B in the gatehouse of their haunted stately home Button House, which will air on BBC One on Saturday 23 September.

The residents who live alongside them are getting angry as always.

We met up with Charlotte to discuss Season 4 of...

Ghosts is back with a bang!How do Mike and Alison get on track with running their B&B?

They have faced another challenge to worry about and mess up! It''s a lot of stress and stress for them, and Alison has this ambition to get a five-star review, so she''s always wondering if the guests are having a good time! There is also drama!

And are the ghosts not helping?!

Lady Button, the Edwardian ghost, played by Martha Howe-Douglas, is affronted that Alison is offering to others, and this is her biggest indignity to Alison! For Alison, having a guesthouse is difficult enough, but she also has eight ghosts, who are usually like children, to keep in check. Alison loses her rag at them, and is a pleasure to scream!

Is there any new character or new faces?

Mike has some odd friends! We have a backlash from Barclay [Alison and Mikes disgruntled neighbour, played by Geoffrey McGivern, which I love! He tries to persuade Alisons guests, and there''s great strenuous confrontation. Theres also a nice new ghost who appears in a neighbouring field. After hundreds of years of talking to him, we have a fantastic storyline with a big bear!

The ghostly plague victims, all depicted by the cast who play the main spooks, are also back and have become big fans of Regency poet Thomas (Mathew Baynton) lately, havent they?!

The Captain [the World War Two soldier, played by Ben Willbond,] is kind of aware of it. It''s also fantastic to see these terrible plague victims wandering around on set when Mat plays his one, and he has to take his fake teeth out to have a lunch!

This time, will we see more ghosts pasts?

Yes, there are more of Julian [the trouserless politician played by Simon Farnaby] and Robin [the caveman, played by Laurence Rickard,] and Mary [the 17th century witch, played by Katy Wix], when she was burned at the stake. Mary finds her voice and it''s really nice, there are amazing scenes from that era."

What should you offer in your Christmas offer?

There''s still so much to come to the end! The Christmas episode is fantastic, and it''s like a surprise if you''re interested in the show.

Like a cameo, the US version of Ghosts has been a big hit.

I''d love to see Alison and Mike coming back on holiday and Alison said [to Samantha, her American equivalent played by Rose McIver, Oh my gosh, you can see ghosts too! That would be so scaring for Alison.

What other projects have you got coming up?

Bonnie is such a talented character and everyone is so kind there. I''ve produced the next series of, Netflixs show about a serial killer, which is a wonderful experience for me!

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