In-appgaming is being trialled by TikTok

In-appgaming is being trialled by TikTok

TikTok intends to enter the video game industry in a new study.

According to Reuters, the wildly popular social app is conducting testing with in-app games in Vietnam.

Tiktok has confirmed the gaming push and stated that it is currently contemplating bringing HTML5 games to its app from third-party pubishers such as Zynga.

Why would Vietnam start? Tiktok may see a country where the vast majority of its citizens under 35 are, according to some 70% of the population. It is likely to see a country that is capable of adopting its youth program.

Two mini-games are already available on Tiktok in the United States, which, like you''d expect, includes dancing. Garden of Good is a non-profit organization where you cultivate vegetables to help feed America.

According to today''s report, more traditional games are on the cards, albeit with HTML-style experiences you''d expect, and similar to those found on Facebook and Netflix.

According to Reuters'' reports, a launch elsewhere in Southeast Asia was planned.

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