Emmerdale spoilers: 8 HUGE storylines to keep you stuck this autumn

Emmerdale spoilers: 8 HUGE storylines to keep you stuck this autumn

Autumn in has merely a word of drama!

Every October is a year of celebration, and this year the soap is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What a feat!

Each time someone commemorates a milestone birthday, the thrills become more dramatic and the stunts becoming more jaw-dropping, so we''re sure we''ll see some great results from the 50th anniversary.

Here''s how we''ll be seeing this autumn...

A whole month of excitement

We were used to going super soap week now when and pulling out the big guns and wow us with stunts and jaw-dropping storylines. So this year, in celebration of the 50th anniversary, wanted to highlight everything thats been previously done. So the stories will be spread throughout the whole month of October, meaning there is more time for drama just the way we like it!

Goodbye to Faith

This autumn, The Woolpack will be at the centre of the drama, and we were fairly certain that it might be Faiths'' departure.

As she prepares for her death, producer Jane Hudson predicted the anniversary month to begin with a focus on Faith and her emotional farewells. It will be heartbreaking, but we know she will get involved in a storming performance.

Stormy weather

When a large weather event hits in October, the drama will really wane.

Although we have seen storms in soap many times, bosses are confident that this one will be different from what has happened before.

These are the only things that will be in danger if not done before.

Aarons return

This autumn, there will be a few exciting return.

Aaron Dingle is returning to see his dying grandmother, Faith, but of course hes got a lot of making up to do with his sister Liv, whom he basically abandoned following Ben''s death, when confronted with serial killer Meena.

And frankly, were hoping that he gets wise to what Livs mum Sandra is up to. Right now, things look pretty bleak for Liv, but were hoping her big brothers return will make things right!

More familiar faces

Tracey Metcalfe is one of the performers returning for a brief appearance as part of the anniversary celebrations. Amy Walsh is on maternity leave after the birth of her daughter, but she will be back for a while, and Traceys has received some positive feedback from Nate.

Diane Sugden, a legendary village designer, is returning for a short time. After all of the drama, shell brings a calm to the storm!

A new arrival

Rumors that a baby will be born during the anniversary month have circulated, and Amelia Spencer, the only mother-to-be in the village, was fairly certain she will be the one who gives birth!

As she prepares for parenthood, will there be more drama?

A story only Emmerdale can do

We are clinging our heads over this one. According to producer Jane Hudson, one of the stories this autumn will be something the other soaps would not do.

Nate, Sam, and Belle will play in the drama. We are curious, and we cant wait to see what we can do next.

Banged up?

As the big anniversary month draws to a close, theres always the beginning of another story stretching back to winter and beyond.

This year, were going to see one of the characters facing a life behind bars. It''s a new chapter for one of the Dales families, according to show bosses, and he was not certain if the potential prisoner will face a terrible injustice or be completely banned to rights.

Good thing, have to wait and see!

ITV runs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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