Curious autumn approaches to Weatherfield are a problem for Coronation Street fans

Curious autumn approaches to Weatherfield are a problem for Coronation Street fans

This autumn, the stakes are high, with deadly secrets being discovered, hearts being broken, and new arrivals.

Here''s how to get rid of what you don''t want to miss...

Stephen''''s dodgy dealings

Stephen Reid was first recognized as a baddie by the viewers as soon as he came back!

He''s lost all his money, he''s lying to his relatives, his ex-wife has revealed that he stole from the business, he''s determined to get his mitts on Audrey''s cash, and he''s even buying ill-fitting suits in charity shops.

Time is tough!

Stephen''s story, according to producer Iain MacLeod, will be "tote and more desperate and dark" this autumn, with terrible consequences for Jenny, Leo, and fan favourite Audrey.

While poor Audrey isn''t in physical danger, Iain says that her blindness for her son will test her thoughts.

Jenny, Iain, believes that making things difficult for the Rovers landlady after making the mistake of locking lips with Stephen is a concern.

"She couldn''t have imagined a better person," he said.

Toyah''''s torment as she goes on trial

Is Toyah Habeeb in a serious old mess? She just confessed that she did want to hurt - or even kill - husband Imran when she went into the wall.

She has confessed to Spider, an old flame, who we all now know is a police officer.

With Toyah on the verge of going on trial for Imran''s murder, things are looking bleak for the counsellor.

"Toyah is capable of good morals," Iain said of her. "So when she arrives in the courtroom there''s no possibility she might slap self destruct."

Georgia Taylor, who plays Toyah, agrees: "It''s not looking good," she confesses. "The pressure is rising."

And she said she''d love a prison narrative! Does this mean Toyah''s going to be banned up? We''ll have to wait and see!

Dee Dee Bailey''''s arrival

Since James had a cardiac arrest on the football pitch, the Bailey family is having a difficult time right now.

When Bailey, Dee Dee, is discovered, they''ll be delighted.

Iain said that Dee Dee is an unusual soap arrival because she doesn''t have a dark secret!

Dee Dee is "lots of fun" and "chaos," according to him. She''s a lawyer, so might she join Imran''s role to assist Adam Barlow with his work schedule?

"She''s tremendously competent at her job," said Iain. "She''s the kind of person who would take down a team of hotshot attorneys to defend her client, but will then turn to the courtroom and you realize she''s done the whole thing with her skirt tied into her knickers!"

Dee Dee will be thrown into the midst of another big storyline, but what difficulty will she encounter?

Spider''''s secret revealed!

We''re all in a state of shock when Spider Nugent''s real identity is revealed!

We never thought for a minute that he would be DI Nugent, but we appreciate this twist in his return story.

Spider''s will be involved with some "really dangerous things," according to Martin Hancock, who plays the former activist.

Sounds great!

Spider isn''t only back for Toyah''s ordeal, but he''ll also be involved in a range of new stories and mixed up with other characters.

Kelly''''s dramatic exit!

Kelly Neelan''s shocking departure is one of the lines everyone''s really hoping for this autumn.

The cast and crew of ''nearly minded,'' using cinematic techniques, as seen in Marvel films, to create a jaw-dropping spectacle for Kelly''s departure.

As part of Kelly''s narrative, Iain MacLeod said the technology has permiss them to shoot "an incredible rooftop scene."

"We''ve created this incredibly cinematic sequence as the centre piece that I''m most excited about."

Because Millie Gibson, who plays Kelly, is leaving, Iain said they''ve been able to raise the stage for this storyline.

"We''ll have the characters take on all of the landmines we''ve buried for them over the years," said the author.

Sounds great!

"It''s one of the most impressive things I''ve ever worked on during my varied career in soap," Iain said.

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