Vicente Fernandez casts El Rey who is the star of the Mexican biographical series El Rey

Vicente Fernandez casts El Rey who is the star of the Mexican biographical series El Rey

A Mexicanbiographicaldrama about singer and actor Victoricente Fernandez, who was also known as "El Rey de la Musica Ranchera" (The King ofRancheraMusic).

This is a long series for Netflix that examines Fernandez''s life and career from childhood through his successful career, which saw him become a cultural icon, recording more than 100 albums and making more than 30 films. He was also a major fan.

Three actors in the series who all play the lead role at various points in his life, as well as supporting actors who played people that were significant to Fernandez, so it''s a really in-depth series that explores a lot of his life.

Here''s a list of the most prominent players in the world...

Jaime CamilasVicente Fernandez

Auerdem erhebt sich die Rolle:

  • Sebastian Dante as Young Vicente
  • Sebastian Garcia as Teen Vicente
  • Kaled Acab as Child Vicente

Vicente Fernandez, a Mexican singer, singer, actor, and film producer, was often known as Chente. He began his singing career as a busker, before eventually becoming much known and living a living out of performing. The Netflix series follows him throughout his life in order to show viewers a vision of his key milestones.

Jaime Camil is known for his role as Rogelio de la Vega in the Netflix comedy-drama, which features three younger actors.

Marcela Guiradoas Maria del Refugio "Cuquita"

A key element in the role is the following:

  • Regina Pavon as Young Cuquita
  • Ishkra Zaval as Child Cuquita

Vicente Fernandez''s wife Maria del Refugio was married on 27 December 1963, and had four children together. She also married 11 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren over the years, and she remained supportive throughout his career.

Marcela Guirado, a Mexican actress and singer, is best known for filming intelenovelaswith the television channelTV Azteca, and has been involved in numerous films such as and.

Enoc Leano as Ramon Fernandez

Vicente''s father was Ramon Fernandez, a serviceman and rancher. He married Paula Gomez de Fernandez, a father of Vincente. Vincente was the couple''s only son and lived in Guadalajara, in Western Mexico.

Ramon is played by actor Enoc Leano, who is well-known for starring in Mexican soap operas and films such asand.

Marissa Saavedra as Paula Gomez de Fernandez

Vicente''s mother, Paula Gomez de Fernandez, nurtured his passion for cinema and frequently took him to films, which partly motivated him to pursue a career in entertainment. She was a housewife and lived on the ranch with her husband Ramon Fernandez.

Marissa Saavedra, who has starred in television shows such as, and.

Raul Sandoval as Felipe Arriaga

Felipe Arriaga was aMexicansingerandactor who assisted in planning Vicente''s career when he invited him to join Mariachi Aguilar, a mariachi band he was a part of. Vicente never forgot when Felipe arrived in Mexico City in search of his dreams, and had always helped Felipe succeed.

Raul Sandoval, an actor known for his work on television shows as and other venues, plays Felipe in the series.

Florencia Rios as Refugios Fernandez

A third element in the role of the player is a:

  • Seidy Berchat as Teen Refugios
  • Casandra Iturralde as Child Refugios

Refugios Fernandez is one of Vicente''s sisters, who lived with him on the ranch. In the series, they are shown to be quite close, although the family sometimes struggled to make ends meet. Despite all this, she appears to be a supportive sister.

Florencia Rios, who has starred in television shows such as, and.

Ana Paula Capetillo as Teresa Fernandez

This is how it all comes to life, including:

  • Valentina Buzurro as Teen Teresa
  • Camila Nunez as Child Teresa

Teresa Fernandez is Vicente''s other sister. In the series, Teresa seduces a young man named Porfirio and becomes pregnant, which is becoming a form of scandal.

Ana Paula Capetillo plays her as her first mainstream play, and we''ll see her again soon!

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