6 dramatic scenes from EastEnders to keep you hooked this autumn

6 dramatic scenes from EastEnders to keep you hooked this autumn

Prepares for a season filled with drama and tension, and we can''t wait to witness it!

This is how we''ll show you what''s going on in the future weeks....

Meet the Panesars'''' dad

Suki Panesar''s husband and father have been talked about about their four children, Nish Panesar.

And now we''ll have a chance to meet him!

Nish, who is played by Navin Chowdhry, is currently on trial, after serving a 20-year sentence. But he''s on his way back to the Square!

Nish is very patient and reassuring, but he also has an icy-cold desire to be returned to his family.

Suki is currently concerned about what happened to Ranveer, and being horribly manipulated by Ravi and Kheerat in attempting to establish himself as the head of the family, so will his family be as welcoming as he hopes? And what he will do if they''re not?

Ricky Butcher''''s back

Ricky Butcher hasn''t been seen on the Square for more than a decade, though we know that he''s happily living in Germany with son Liam and now with daughter Tiffany and her husband Keegan.

He''s still back!

This time, it''s not the Jackson/Branning family Ricky involved with it, but rather the drama revolves around his own family and sister Janine in particular.

Janine has been doing nothing but to get rid of her car accident, but she has become a chastising.

Is it possible to help Ricky navigate the chastiser she has in common?

What will happen when Ricky comes face to face with his ex-wife, Sam Mitchell, and more importantly, how does it.

Fond farewell

With June Brown''s tragic death, who played Dot Branning, it was inevitable that her alter-ego would be recognized on screen too.

So this autumn, Dot''s friends and family will gather to raise a modest sherry as they bid for a happy goodbye to the Square''s favorite launderette assistant (sorry, Karen).

Walford residents will pay their goodbyes in what producer Chris Clenshaw calls a "fitting tribute."

And we''re curious if any of the past faces will return, too? Could Charlie Cotton return from Ireland with little Matthew in there?

Nigel, who isn''t he? Or any of the Brannings Max, Tanya, Carol, Robbie, and Bianca?

We can''t wait to see how Dot will be honoured.

Alfie''''s got his eyes on the prize

Kat Slater gets a prize.


Alfie Moon''s back is attempting to defeat his ex-wife Kat, but it''s not straightforward sailing (what''s new in Walford? ).

Shane Richie, who plays a cheeky Mr Moon, said he''s happy to provide the "light relief" as the drama is progressing this autumn.

Expect Alfie''s trademark banter, some verbal sparring with love rival Phil... and do we hear rumors of a romance with Linda? Or is it just another of Alfie''s jokes? Time will tell!

A blast from the past for Sam

Sam Mitchell walked back into the Square earlier this year, wearing her sky-high heels and skinny jeans, and it was like she''d never been there.

Sam''s has experienced a slew of difficulties trying to prove herself to his brother Phil. Not to mention her love with Zak.

And there is even more trouble in the works, and we don''t mean just her ex-husband Ricky''s return.

According to executive producer Chris Clenshaw, there''s another storm from the past that might plague Sam.

Sam''s life on the Costa is unknown, but we don''t know much about her.

Is this new arrival a potential distraction from the jigsaw?

Is Janine and Mick ever reunited or strewn apart?

Here''s what we know. We know Janine Butcher is keeping a strong old concern from Mick Carter that she set up Linda to take the blame for the car accident.

On the Vic''s noticeboard, there''s a criminal photo showing Janine getting rid of her clothes.

Mick''s life with Janine is so much work, but we know that the relationship between him and his ex-wife Linda is solid. Very solid.

As Judith Bernstein watched another hubby - David - die on their wedding day, Janine''s marriage slapped off two wives - Barry and Michael.

And we know that Danny Dyer, who plays Mick, is leaving Walford at the end of the year, and that Janine is pregnant.

Hmmmm. Sounds like a lot of havoc for us. Is Mick on the verge of becoming one of Janine''s victims?

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