After the Altar, Shake's absence is real

After the Altar, Shake's absence is real

There was one person who was immediately absent when season 2 was announced. Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee, who was largely depicted as the season 2 villain, was nowhere to be found in the three-part series.

Given his behavior at the reunion that aired earlier in 2022, the veterinarian was constantly equiting himself into conversations that had nothing to do with him; he failed to take responsibility for his commentary, instead blaming editing; and he even took on fellow guests. Shake didn''t walk away from the set that day with a ton of friends, if any.

He seemed a bit dismal because he arguably provided up the greatest drama in the season aside from Natalie, Shayne, and Shaina. A reality show of this sort has a few limitations. One might think producers would have welcomed Shakes'' return. So what is the reason for his absence?

What amounted to Shake''s absence from Love Is Blind: After the Altar?

The short answer to this question is that the cast did not desire to be around him.

Danielle and Nick planned a season 2 contestant trip to Michigan as seen in the three episodes. Nick stated that he would not go anywhere if Shake was invited, and Danielle immediately shook his head off the guest list.

There were a number of other scenes that Shake was also missing from in Chicago, as well as Shayne, who also wasn''t on the cast trip. With all of that being said, it''s clear there is more to the story.

Kyle made the following statement in an interview with (opens in a new tab) about Shakes'' absence.

"A few of us said we would not do the show if he was there. We left them [producers] with no choice. If he''d done the show, he''d probably dig his hole deeper. It''s better that he didn''t do it," says the former president.

Kyle told the producers that Shake and Shake would not meet their guys night out, but that Kyle rejected the producers'' request to have dinner.

Shake replies to being not in Love Is Blind: After the Altar

When asked why he was not shown in the film, Shake himself claims to have been approached to film, but he declined. De facto, he said:

"After seeing, I was so happy I didn''t do it. "I was so pleased." Me being gone allowed them to focus on some of the negatives of the other people. Whereas they would have just piled into me as a scapegoat."

Shake has additionally taken to social media to chat with his castmates before he even went viral. On an IG story from September 20, he introduced his infamous "Love Is Blurry."

Where is Shake today?

Shake has expanded into his veterinarian practice in Miami, where he has launched a podcast with "controversial" guests.

For those who want to know about his love life, it appears his girlfriend is Emily Wilson, a Miami entrepreneur and co-host.

Emily Margaret Wilson (@emw13) replies (opens in a new tab)

A photo posted on Twitter

Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. Don''t forget that Season 3 will be released on October 19.

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