Mary Berry's Cook & Share air date, recipes, locations, interview, episode guide, and more

Mary Berry's Cook & Share air date, recipes, locations, interview, episode guide, and more

In 2022, Dame Mary will air a new series on BBC2 and iPlayer, which will see her travel to some of her favourite UK destinations to sample meals that are ideal for entertaining friends and relatives.

Over six episodes of Dame Mary will be delivering us gluten-free recipes that will work for big celebrations as well as intimate dinners for two people. She''ll also share her expertise and explore how food can engender communities together and impact our lives.

Dame Mary says that sharing recipes is always a joy for me, and this series is the ultimate guide, whether you are cooking for a crowd or just for two.

I''m enjoying visiting some spectacular locations across the country during special events, gatherings, and amazing locations for this new series.I have always believed there is no better way to spend time with family and friends than using fresh home cooked food - and now more than ever that feels so important.

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Mary Berry: Cook & Share release date

From Wednesday September 7th at 8pm, the six-part series will be available on BBC2 and BBCiPlayer. Keep an eye on this page and keep an eye on any US or international air dates.

Is there a trailer for Mary Berry: Cook & Share?

There is no trailer for the movie yet, but you may take a look at Dame Mary in a first-look picture (see main image above). If a trailer is released, please put it on this page.

Cook & Share recipes with Mary Berry, as well as what happens.

As she travels across the United Kingdom meeting people who come together for food, Shell will be sharing some of her own skills while learning from others. Then, she will share dishes that are planned to be shared, whether for a family gathering or a summer festival. Shell will also share her own recipes such as minted lamb casserole, tear and share bread, roasting-tin spiced chicken, eggy bread avocado and ham toasties, salted caramel cake, rocky road, and chocolate truffle cake that are guaranteed to keep

Cook & Share with Dame Mary on Mary Berry''s Hidden Secrets

Dame Mary, 87, tells us why sharing is important.

"I''m not very good at eating on my own and I''ve always loved to share," says Dame Mary. I think that''s become more common in the past few years, as people are experimenting and learning new recipes because they''ve had time and also everybody was locked down. You''ve got a loyal audience to share the recipes with.

After the wedding, you watch an Indian wedding. It was a memorable experience. "Yes, the crew was getting a look behind the scenes and supporting the catering crew. She actually arrived on a white horse, and the bride was wearing a stunning red dress with the most outrageous heels. "Every day she was barefoot, literally! "

What were your other highlights of the Jurassic Coast scalloping tour, and seeing a young man, Sam, and his father, who both were so passionate about fishing. I like people who have a passion for something, and seeing Sam making a living out of what comes naturally after spending time with his dad and scalloping as a child."

"I met Scott, the head chef who was so passionate about catering at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium. I really appreciated how he recruits his team from the school in Birmingham. I think that''s a great story because he recognizes the potential in local young cooks and trusts both them as well as the training at the school."

A lot of places you visit have a different meaning for you, including Scotland, where your mother came from. What was the best culinary advice she ever shared with you? "Mum always planned ahead for a few days to reduce the cost and make the most of the ingredients. I always try to do it again this week. For example, I would make twice as much gravy with the Sunday roast and serve it with sausages and fried onions.

When you arrived at Edinburgh for the show, you got to meet up with your granddaughter and her pals. "Yes, it was fantastic seeing my granddaughter Abby and her friends at the Edinburgh Marathon. I remember the last one I saw when my son was 17 and he ran the London Marathon and I went to the pub with him afterwards with his friends who were all there with blisters on their feet! This time around, it was fantastic to meet Abby''s friends and sat drinking energy drinks and eating Rocky Road. They were always very

We also offer you a selection of your own meals for parties and parties. "I''ve chosen the recipes because I think they''re beneficial to everyone from eating and sharing. They''re not too complicated, but they''re very achievable. "I''m concerned that this food in this series is very much about sharing and passing it around. "Not much pomp and ceremony, but it''s not about gathering people."

Is there any possibility to have special occasions on the market where you will be able to make some of the ingredients featured in the show? "My daughter Annabels will certainly be having her family round for Sunday lunch because they care for themselves and then I will select stunning puds like my beautiful Chocolate Truffle Dessert [which features in episode one] and I will just pop a candle in the middle!

What you want to share a meal with and what other people has requested, according to me, is always good to say goodbye to my spouse every time. It''s too tricky to name one meal, because when I''m being served for, I appreciate whatever comes my way. It''s also the friendship that comes with it that''s special."

Finally, the series will hopefully encourage us all to begin whipping up some delightful dishes. What is the value of sharing any culinary knowledge with a novice cook? "Keep it simple, and keep it seasoned!"

Locations in which Mary Berry will travel?

From exploring the Dorsets Jurassic Coast and experiencing the buzz of Birminghams city centre, in e Mary Berry will travel to several of her favourite destinations to gain some inspiration and for sharing her new recipes.

Mary Berry: Cook & Share episode guide

Here''s a sample guide for which we''ll be updating every week, so make sure you pass it on again.

Mary Berry is assisting caterers on a large scale at a beautiful Indian wedding from the beginning. She''ll also provide some of her own delicious ingredients for a special occasion, such as her avocado, bean, and Prawn Stack, which can be easily expanded to feed a crowd, and a bread recipe for sharingMary will add her divine to the afternoon tea, and finally her triumphant chocolate Truffle Dessert a stunning, layered cake.

Maryalso travels to Bristol on Wednesday September 14th, where her youngest son William studied, and then finds her favorite restaurant. One place special fromMarys past is a sun rise hot air balloon display. Next she''ll be cooking-up her own mouth-watering dishes. Prawn and Courgette Stir-Fry.

On Wednesday, September 21, a Birmingham bound Mary is gathering at Edgbaston cricket ground to prepare a tea to remember cricketers. After tasting her delicious foods, cricketing legends Jonny Bairstow and Ollie Pope put Mary through her paces at the wicket, and she''s always up for giving things a go! This week she also demonstrates how to make jumbo lentil rolls and has a really satisfying "ultimate" brownie recipe.

Mary discovers the historic Jurassic Coastline in Dorset, which she loves to witness as a kid camping on the Jurassic cliffs on the beach. Mary then discovers the local fisherman''s unique and innovative seaweed recipes. Mary then discovers a rich and creamy seafood from her signature Fish Curry Curry. She then visits the local local fisherman to sample the delicious seafood prepared for him.

More about Mary Berry: Cook & Share

A purchase from Sidney Street, a branch of BanijayUK, was rejected...

Karen Ross, a co-executive producer and MD of Sidney Street, says: "We are so happy to be filming Mary doing what she does best!" Inspiring the country to cook from scratch, sharing both her delicious meals and incredible knowledge. This delightful series will delight everyone who wants to dine in the kitchen, from the most experienced to a whole new generation of home cooks.

Mary, the BBC''s head of commissioning, has spent her life sharing her knowledge, passion, and cooking with audience members all over the United Kingdom and beyond. So were delighted she is returning to the BBC to share her passion for cooking, and how she can help our families better. In this new series, Mary will be able to present herself as a puppet or puppet character.

Mary Berry: Cook & Share her new book

Mary Berry is a prolific author of top-selling cookbooks (opens in a new tab) and there is a brand-new Cook and Share book, which was first published on September 1 2022.

It will feature more than 100 Marys friendly menus to make friends and family, as well as all of the recipes from the show. It will also include Marys cooking tips and photographs of every dish.

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