The release date, cast, plot, trailer, and all you need to know about Magpie Murders is here:

The release date, cast, plot, trailer, and all you need to know about Magpie Murders is here:

BritBox has made Anthony Horowitz''s finest-selling murder mystery a six-part series with Tim McMullan, Lesley Manville, Daniel Mays, Pippa Haywood, Michael Maloney, and Conleth Hill.

Timothy Spall had been relegated from the program earlier this year, but was relegated from the film for personal reasons.

The filmmaker Anthony Horowitz has written his first novel for the small screen, while filmmaker Peter Cattaneo has taken over as he filmes in Ireland and Suffolk. Here''s what we learned so far about the twisty-turny crime thriller, which is now available on BritBox in the United Kingdom, and will be released in October 2022.

Magpie Murders US release date

The six-part series will air on PBS Masterpiece this autumn in the United Kingdom (opens in a new tab) as part of PBS''s Masterpiece Mystery season. Episodes will run onPBSat9/8conFriday nightsfromOctober 16,2022, untilNovember 20, 2022. was published on BritBox in the United Kingdom on Thursday, February 10, 2022.

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Magpie Murders the plot

The plot of the novel focuses on editor Susan Ryeland (Lesley Manville) who has received a tattered, unfinished manuscript by Alan Conway. She''s unsure that the book will not even be worth the paper it''s not printed on, though Susan believes it''s not to death. So, she is set on a path that will change her life forever.

Atticus Pund, a clever and complex detective from the 1950s, is a well-known man for solving problems in Conways fictional novels.

The latest murder mystery by Alan Conways isn''t exactly what it is, and between the pages there is another tale that will end up changing Susan''s life. Look out for the fiendish modern twist!

Is there a trailer for Magpie Murders?

Yes, a trailer for BritBox has been released, which opens with an interesting opening: "There are many people who believe Atticus Pund to be the world''s greatest detective," Susan Ryeland of Lesley Manville is amazed by the latest mystery book, but is concerned that it will not be complete until the end! Take a look at the trailer below.

Magpie Murders writer Anthony Horowitz

The most famous works of Anthony Horowitz include the series about a normal adolescent who was recruited to MI6, which has been transformed into a Prime Video series with Vicky McClure, Ace Bhatti, and Stephen Dillane. Hes also written for television, giving scripts to and led by John F. Kennedy.

Who''''s in the Magpie Murders cast?

Atticus Pund McMullan is an English actor who has starred in Dame Judi Denchand and Helen Mirren. He recently appeared as Douglas Cartwright in the crime drama "Moondust," according to fans of on Netflix. Going back further, Tim was a character in the television series "Moondust."

Lesley Manville plays writer Susan Ryeland in the role of Book Editor. "She is an independent, gentle person who respects her own rules. She''s fantastic. I really like her as a person, as she does not have anything she would have expected.

"When Alan sends Susan the manuscript of his next book, it''s missing the last chapter. From there on, the story flips between the circumstances surrounding Conway''s death and the fact that it''s similar to the deaths of characters in the book he has written. Susan also stops being an editor and becomes more interested in solving the murder if it''s murder."

Lesley has had an extensive film career with leading roles in, and more recently. She previously worked with Timothy Spall on the television screen, and fans will know her as Cathy in the warm-hearted sitcom and as brothel keeper Lydia Quigley in. Lesley recently starred in Channel 4 drama, and she is in season 5 playing Princess Margaret.

Daniel Mays (), Pippa Haywood (), Michael Maloney (), andstar Conleth Hill, Alexandros Logothetis (, ), Claire Rushbrook (, ) and Matthew Beard among the others members of the cast.

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