Is Monarch based on the Judds?

Is Monarch based on the Judds?

The new Fox mystery-thriller focuses on a family of country music icons and their matriarch, Susan Sarandons Dottie Roman. Though the fictional Roman family reveals the similarities to the legendary real-life mother-daughter duo the Judds, executive producer Jason Owen told People (opens in a new tab) that the show isn''t based on a true narrative, nor is it intended to in any way parallel the lives of the Judds.

"What I feel like art imitating life is really one of the strangest, saddest, and eeriest coincidences I have ever seen," Owen said.

The series was fully finished in 2019, with a greenlit in May 2021, and its production will begin in September 2021. Owen, a music industry veteran, had been working with the Judd family on a documentary and final tour in April 2022 when country icon and Judd matriarch Naomi took her own life. He was also forced to provide a Judds funeral for CMT.

Naturally, he became concerned about the parallels between the Judd family and considering that a major character died in the premiere episode.

Dottie, who was diagnosed with cancer at the start of the series, overdosed on medication at her house with her daughter Nicolette (Anna Friel) on her side, killing Naomi Judd in her bedroom.

The best and brightest from the country music scene come together in the second episode of, which included Dottie Roman''s life as well as the Juddshit song "Love Can Build a Bridge." In the funeral ceremony, Dottie planned the scenes for her own funeral, but in reality Owen was the one who selected the song for the scene.

The song was also featured at Judds own funeral.

The similarities are uncanny, but Owen is quick to point out that the filming was finished long before Naomi Judds'' death. He connected with the Judd family in order to let them know what the program was about.

"I called Wynonna and Greg Hill, the owners of the Naomi Judd Estate, in exchange for friendship, love, and respect for the Judd Family, to make sure they were aware of the story thoroughly before it aired. "

When it comes to the Dotties funeral scene, he wanted the chanting of her life to contrast with massive send-offs for Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette. Little did he know he would be doing the same thing for Naomi Judd, who was instrumental in him from a very young age.

"I was in their life for these big return when we put the arena tour on sale, and it basically sold out," said he. "Then they have a fantastic comeback at the CMT Awards, where all artists are fawning over them. I was so impressed by these two women, and I have always been involved in their biggest low."

Tuesdays are shown on Fox. The most recent episodes are available to stream the day after they begin. Hulu is a free version.

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